Independent label: Music Machine Records was from the West Country. According to the sleeve Music Machine's head office was at Holbeton, Plymouth, and it had a studio in Exeter; but that studio may actually have been John Greenslade's Exeter Sound Recordings. So far only three have come to light, though the fact that the highest catalogue number among them was MM-009 suggests that there are several more out there.  Albums and EPs shared the same MM-000 series; there were at least two EPs, 'Best In The Book' by The Turmuts Country Dance Band (MM-008), pictured above, and 'Feels So Right' by Paintbox (MM-007) which is said to be a psych-influenced-rock-with-organ sort of thing.  MM-009 was an LP by the Ginger Walker Band, 'I Couldn't Believe My Ears'.  There are no dates on the labels,  'Cry Over Me' by The Ravens had a plain white label with 'Music Machine' at the top in black lettering.  There was no number on the label, nor was there a date on it, but its matrix number was MM-1 and it had a '70s custom pressing look to it. Music Machine would appear to have been either a custom recording company or a small independent specializing in recording local talent.  The former seems more likely. Distributed By Music Machine Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

71 The Ravens Cry Over Me MUSIC MACHINE MM 001
76 Not Traced MUSIC MACHINE MM 002
76 Not Traced MUSIC MACHINE MM 003
76 Not Traced MUSIC MACHINE MM 004
76 Not Traced MUSIC MACHINE MM 005
76 Not Traced MUSIC MACHINE MM 006
76 Paintbox Feels So Right MUSIC MACHINE MM 007
76 Turmuts Country Dance Band  Best In The Book MUSIC MACHINE MM 008
76 Ginger Walker Band I Couldn't Believe My Ears (Album) MUSIC MACHINE MM 009

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