Independent label: Music Lovers Records managed at least three singles. An album and and two single by Murray Head, both of which were called 'How Many Ways'  and 'Old Soho'. According to the label of the single it dates from 1979, It may have been recorded in 1979 and issued in 1980. The existence of both paper-labelled and injection-moulded versions muddies the waters further - is one of them perhaps a 1979 issue and the other a reissue from 1980?  Granted, the label of the injection-moulded one says that it was made in France, but there seem to be too many of them over here for it to be an import.  The album definitely dates from 1981, and the words 'From The Forthcoming Album' on the labels of the singles suggest that they probably don't pre-date the album by very much.  The catalogue number of the single was MLS-1, and the November 1980 release was through Lugton.  The label was based in Horsham, Sussex. Distributed By Music Lovers Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Murray Head How Many Ways (Album) MUSIC LOVERS MLS 1
79 Murray Head How Many Ways MUSIC LOVERS MLS 2
82 Murray Head Old Soho MUSIC LOVERS MLS 3

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