Music For H-Block Records was a DIY Irish label. It managed one single. Christy Moore / Matt Molloy ‎ Ninety Miles From Dublin Town. From the Album H Block, an album recorded by various Irish folk artists, and produced by Christy Moore in 1978. The album's title refers to the "H blocks" at Maze Prison (also known as "Long Kesh") in Northern Ireland, where Irish republican prisoners were held during the Troubles. The subject matter of several of these songs (particularly Moore's "90 Miles From Dublin") specifically centers on the period of the blanket and dirty protests at Maze and at Armagh Women's Prison. The launch of the album was raided by the Special Detective Unit ("Special Branch") of the Republic of Ireland.It issued singles in HB-000 numerical series. Distributed By  Music For H-Block Records.

78 Christy Moore / Matt Molloy Ninety Miles From Dublin Town MUSIC FOR H-BLOCK HB 001

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