Independent label: Music Bank Records managed at least two singles: ABH's, 'Geoffrey (Who Wants To Listen To Punk Rock)' (BECK-694; 1978), and 'Year Of The Child', by Peter Kirtley (TBR-11; 11/79) with a Stamp on cover that reads: 'Thank to the kids of Aldeburgh primary school and all who helped'  Each cover is unique and handstamped with various motives..  The catalogue number of the Peter Kirtley record suggests that there may have been others in that series.  The BECK numbering was used by Beck Studios, of Wellingborough, so it seems like a reasonable bet that Music Bank may have been from that area. Distributed By Music Bank Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Geoffrey Abh MUSIC BANK BECK 694
79 Peter Kirtley Year Of The Child MUSIC BANK TBR 11

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