Independent label: Mushroom Records. Early 1970s London, UK based label, founded by Vic Keary, Mike Craig and Neil Richmond. Recordings took place at Chalk Farm Studios, London. "The first batch of releases came out on April 1st, 1971" (Fraser Massey). Revived by Keary as GBM Records in the mid-90s.  It seems to have concentrated mainly on Folk and Indian music, sometimes separate and sometimes - as in the LP by Magic Carpet - mixed together.   Mushroom didn't issue many singles, but those that did surface were numbered in the 50MR-00s.  The company appears to have been operative from 1970-72.  Distribution was by Lugton / H. R. Taylor / Clyde Factors in 1972. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

71 Andreas Thomopoulos Songs Of The Street MUSHROOM 100 MR 1
71 Simon Finn Pass The Distance (Album) MUSHROOM 100 MR 2
71 Andreas Thomopoulos So Long Susanne  MUSHROOM 50   MR 3
71 Andreas Thomopoulos Born Out Of The Tears Of The Sun (Album) MUSHROOM 200 MR 4
71 Not Traced MUSHROOM       MR 5
71 Second Hand Death May Be Your Santa Claus (Album) MUSHROOM 200 MR 6
71 Pandit Kanwar Sain Trikha Three Sitar Pieces (Album) MUSHROOM 100 MR 7
71 Ravi Shankar Four Raga Moods (Album) MUSHROOM 300 MR 8
71 The Liverpool Fishermen Swallow The Anchor (Album) MUSHROOM 150 MR 9
71 Various Artists Bach Two Bach (Album) MUSHROOM 100 MR 10
71 Chillum Chillum (Album) MUSHROOM 100 MR 11
71 Not Traced MUSHROOM       MR 12
71 Les Flambeaux Les Flambeaux (Album) MUSHROOM 150 MR 13
71 Ustad Ali Akbar Khan The Peaceful Music Of Ustad Ali Akbar Khan (Album) MUSHROOM 100 MR 14
71 Nitai Dasgupta O Padmabati MUSHROOM 50   MR 15
71 Various Artists The Mushroom Folk Sampler (Album) MUSHROOM 100 MR 16
71 Callinan - Flynn We Are The People (The Road To Derry Town) MUSHROOM 50   MR 17
72 Callinan - Flynn Freedom's Lament (Album) MUSHROOM 150 MR 18
72 Second Hand Funeral MUSHROOM 50   MR 19
72 Magic Carpet Magic Carpet (Album) MUSHROOM 200 MR 20

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