Independent American label: Mums Records was owned by film producers Hal Landers and Bobby Roberts.  It was longer-lived (1971-74) and more successful in the States than over here, but it registered one hit in the British Singles Charts: Albert Hammond's, 'Free Electric Band' (MUMS-1494; 1973).  Distribution in Britain was by CBS; Mums shared a numerical sequence with the other CBS labels, which explains the high catalogue numbers.  In 1974 the company was sold to Epic; its artists were transferred to that label in the States, but in Britain the new owners seem to have kept the Mums marque going until the following year. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Charlie Starr Memphis MUMS S MUM  8498
73 Albert Hammond  It Never Rains In Southern California MUMS S MUM  8499
73 Association Names,Tags,Numbers And Labels MUMS S MUM  1300
73 Albert Hammond  Free Electric Band MUMS S MUM  1494
73 Jackson Sisters Just More Then Friends MUMS S MUM  1591
73 Albert Hammond  Peacemaker MUMS S MUM  1759
73 Jackson Sisters I Believe In Miracles MUMS S MUM  1829
73 Albert Hammond  Everything I Want To Do MUMS S MUM  1834
73 Albert Hammond  Ait Never Rains In Southern California MUMS S MUM  3474
74 Albert Hammond  Im A Train MUMS S MUM  2150
74 Steppenwolf Straight Shootin' Woman MUMS S MUM  2679
74 Jackson Sisters Boy You'Re Dynamite MUMS S MUM  2896
75 Albert Hammond  We'Rte Running Out MUMS S MUM  3045
75 Steppenwolf Smokey Factory Blues MUMS MUM  3147
75 Albert Hammond  Lay The Music Down MUMS S MUM  3272
75 Castleman Boomer Judy Mae MUMS S MUM  3367
75 Steppenwolf Caroline MUMS S MUM  3470
75 Albert Hammond It Never Rains In Southern California MUMS S MUM  3474

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