Independent label: of Multicord Records was a label of Multicord Studios, of Sunderland.  There was at least two records on Multicord, and both of them were EPs. One was by Stewart & Harrison, the 'Stewart' reportedly being Dave Stewart, later to find fame with The Tourists and The Eurythmics. It contained 'Girl' and three other tracks, and was issued in 1971 with a catalogue number of MULT-SH-1.  The other was an undated six-track offering by a Folk band named Clover; it featured 'Die An Old Maid' as the lead-off track, and was numbered MLT-CL-1.  The label design bore a resemblance to that of Abreaction Records, which came from the same source at more or less the same time.  The Clover record had a white label rather than a yellow one.  See also the 'Holyground / Multicord' Records. Distributed By Multicord Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

71 Stewart & Harrison Girl MULTICHORD MULT-SH 1
71 Clover Die An Old Maid MULTICHORD MLT-CL 1

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