MSR Records was a DIY Reggae label. Presumably, the label MSR belonged to one or more of the members of Mighty Soul Rebels. Most of the MSR singles had a large spindle-hole, presumably to give them a Jamaican appearance, 'Do Good' by Tyrone & The Mighty Soul Rebels, was a singles with small spindle holes so sum do exist.  There were at least seven releases on MSR, one of which was only available as a 12" single.  Five of them of  featured the Mighty Soul Rebels or the Soul Rebels (reportedly a precursor of that band); presumably the label belonged to one or more of the band members.  Numbering is confused: two of the singles were numbered in the MSR-000s, another was numbered MSR MA-1, and two others had no numbers at all.  The latter two did however have Lyntone matrix numbers, as indicated in the discography below.  Similarly, dating is generally absent, but MSR-001 had a year on the label, 1976, and the Lyntone numbers enable us to date two of the others to 1977, which gives us a reasonable idea of the span of the label's operations.  The Rebels were from London; founder member Leon Leiffer went on to be one of the Blackstones. Distributed By MSR Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Mighty Soul Rebels  Jah Jah Is No Gimmick MSR MSR 001 LYN 3613/4
76 Mighty Soul Rebels Late Night Rocker MSR MSR 002 LYN 3786/7
76 Various Artists Showcase Disco 45 (Album) MSR MSR 003
77 Ras El Roy Stop Your Killing  MSR MSR 004 LYN 4401/2
78 Jah Phillip / Lloyd Jackson & Groovers Jah Power / Strings Of My Heart (12") MSR MSR 005
76 The Mighty Soul Rebels Vatican (It's A Sin) MSR LTS 1 LYN 4054/5
77 Tyrone & Mighty Soul Rebels Do Good  MSR LTS 1 LYN 4056/7
77 Tyrone & Mighty Soul Rebels Do Good  MSR No Cat Number
78 Soul Rebels Home Town  MSR MSR MA 1

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