M R.

Independent Reggae label: M R Records was an outlet for records by the band Matumbi, either together or in various combinations. 'Point Of View' b/w Pretender' (RIC-101; 8/79) Was on the Matumbi label, but as 'M R.' is what is on the label. Pressing and distribution were by EMI; the singles shared a RIC-100 series with licensed product on several other Reggae labels (Arawak, Deb Music, Radic, More Cut and Taxi. The series as a whole lasted from August 1979 into the early '80s, with a gap from mid 1980 to mid 1982. A&R Promotions - headed by Matumbi's manager, Brian Hutch - had signed a deal with EMI to handle new U.K. Reggae talent, and that the two had formed a joint company, A&R Music; which suggests that the RIC singles may have belonged to that new company at least initially.  Matumbi's 'Point Of View' single (RIC-101; 1979) got into the British Top 40. Distributed By EMI Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Matumbi Point Of View M R RIC 101
79 Kay Janet Closer To You ARAWAK RIC 102
79 15 16 17 Baby Love DEB MUSIC RIC 103
79 Dunkley Errol Little Way Different ARAWAK RIC 104
79 Okosun Sonny Fire In Soweto RADIC RIC 105
80 Guardian Angle Self Service Love M R RIC 106
80 Dambala & Gus Anyia Babylon RADIC RIC 107
80 Fagan Bevin Bagga Whising On A Star M R RIC 108
80 Livingstone Dandy Instant People MORE CUT RIC 109
80 Tamlins Baltimore TAXI RIC 110
80 Mark Louisa People In Love RADIC RIC 111
81 Bounty Hunters  Coconut Shuffle MORE CUT RIC 112
81 Jo Anne Queen Of The World RADIC RIC 113
82 Burning Spear She's Mine RADIC RIC 113
82 Burning Spear Jah Is My Driver (12") RADIC RIC 114
83 Peter Tosh Johnny B. Goode EMI RIC 115
83 Peter Tosh Where You Gonna Run EMI RIC 116
83 Peter Tosh Mama Africa EMI RIC 117
83 Dub Band Reggae High EMI RIC 118

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