Independent American label: Mowest Records was a subsidiary of Tamla Motown.  Mowest was the label of the West Coast office of Motown, and it served as an outlet for the artists who were discovered by, or developed by, that branch of the company.  It also signed a few British artists, such as John Hetherington and Phil Cordell.  The label had a relatively short life (1972-76) if a quite prolific one. Despite the presence on its books of several artists who had been or would be hitmakers it only troubled the Charts over here once, with its second release of 'The Night' by Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons (MW-3024); that single got into the Top 10 in the spring of 1975.  The label design remained basically unchanged throughout; there was an alteration to the perimeter text in March 1975 when the reference to 'The Gramophone Co.' at 8 o'clock changed to 'EMI Records' - a similar change had taken place on most of the other EMI group labels some eighteen months earlier, so perhaps Mowest were being financially prudent and using up existing stock.  Records affected were MW-3024 onwards.  SPSR 350 was the record to launched the Mowest label in the UK in the late summer of 1972. The launch party was held at E.M.I. in Manchester Square, London. Manufacture and distribution were by EMI.  Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Various Artists Tommy Vance - Introducing The Mowest Label (Part 1) MOWEST SPSR 350
72 Houston Thelma No One'S Gonna Be A Fool MOWEST MW 3001
72 Valli Frankie The Night MOWEST MW 3002
72 Valli Frankie Walk On Don'T Look Back MOWEST MW 3003
73 Houston Thelma Black California (Unreleased) MOWEST MW 3004
73 Houston Thelma Piano Man MOWEST MW 3005
73 Syreeta To Know You Is To Love You MOWEST MW 3006
73 Hetherington Teenage Love Song MOWEST MW 3007
73 Cordell Phil Close To You MOWEST MW 3008
73 Sister Love I'M Learning To Trust You MOWEST MW 3009
73 Devastating Affair That'S How It Was MOWEST MW 3010
73 Cordell Phil Roadie For The Band MOWEST MW 3011
73 Rockits Livin' Without You MOWEST MW 3012
73 Clay Tom What The World Needs Now Is Love MOWEST MW 3013
74 Darin Bobby Blue Monday MOWEST MW 3014
74 Cordell Phil Laughter In The Rain MOWEST MW 3015
74 Rockits Gimme Tru Love MOWEST MW 3016
74 Leo Bendix Holdin' On To You (Unreleased) MOWEST MW 3017
74 Riverhead I Can'T Let Maggie Go MOWEST MW 3018
74 Howell Reuben Rings MOWEST MW 3019
74 Browne Severin Love Songs MOWEST MW 3020
74 Cordell Phil Cool Clear Water MOWEST MW 3021
74 Boone Family Please Mr Postman MOWEST MW 3022
75 Browne Severin Romance MOWEST MW 3023
75 Four Seasons Night MOWEST MW 3024
75 Boones When The Lovelight Starts Shining MOWEST MW 3025
75 Cordell Phil Chevy Van MOWEST MW 3026
75 Shappard T G Another Woman MOWEST MW 3027
75 Valli Frankie Touch The Rainchild MOWEST MW 3028
75 Allens High Tide MOWEST MW 3029
75 Valli Frankie And I Will Love You MOWEST MW 3030
75 Shappard T G Another Woman MOWEST MW 3031
75 Jud Struk The Biggest Parakeets In Town MOWEST MW 3032
76 Shappard T G Motels And Memories MOWEST MW 3033
76 Valli Frankie Life And Breath MOWEST MW 3034
76 Shappard T G Solitary Man MOWEST MW 3035

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