Independent label: Motorway Sounds Records issued at least four singles in 1974, the first of which was 'Grenada - May God Bless You', by Charles & The Kalabash (MSL-1).  That single comes in two different label designs: a very plain white one, and a more decorative one featuring a speedometer.  Pressing of the second type was by Orlake.  The speedometer disappeared for the second release, replaced by a generalized view of a motorway; it returned with Keeley Marshall's, 'We Are Happy People' (MSL-4), though the colour of the label had changed to yellow.  That single can also be found on a fawn label with a solid brown circle in the centre, a circle which has sparks coming out of it; the speedometer is still at the top.  Motorway Sounds records were a product of a company called 'Timebest', which was based in London.   For some reason both sides of 'Grenada - May God Bless You' can be found on another label, Kalabash, credited to Casimir Pitt.  Pitt was involved with the four Motorway Sounds singles. The label belonged to Ray Williams, who also owned Vasko Records.  The 'Spice Music' label had a rather similar appearance to that of Motorway Sounds and also involved Casimir Pitt, suggesting that the two concerns were related. Distributed By Motorway Sounds Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Charlie And The Kalabash Grenada - May God Bless You MOTORWAY SOUNDS  MSL 1
74 Ray Williams, Casimir Pitt Mamma - I'M Coming Home For Christmas / Song That I Sing MOTORWAY SOUNDS  MSL 2
74 Casimir Pitt Grenadian Power MOTORWAY SOUNDS  MSL 3
74 Keeley Marshall And The Motorway Singers We Are Happy People MOTORWAY SOUNDS  MSL 4
78 Mark Anthony And The Motorway Singers You Got It Right Here MOTORWAY SOUNDS  MSL 6

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