Independent label: Motor Records from 346 Farnham Road, Slough, Berks, was brought into existence by Don Gallagher initially for the purpose of releasing a single by Mankind, 'Dr. Who' (MTR-001).  The single was quickly picked up by Pinnacle, and in its Pinnacle form it got into the Top 30.  Catalogue numbers suggest that Motor issued at least two other singles, Roger The Cat - Dry Your Eyes (MTR-002; 11/79), and 'Midnight Man' by Angel Street (MTR-003; 11/79), which is reported to have been in a Heavy Metal vein.  It was distributed by Pinnacle. A single by Ramon Bugatti, 'When The Night Comes', came out on a Motor label in April of the following year; its different catalogue number, MOT-01, suggests that it was released by a different company - unless our Motor changed its numbering system for some reason. Distributed By Pinnacle Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Mankind Doctor Who MOTOR MTR 001
79 Roger The Cat Dry Your Eyes MOTOR MTR 002
79 Angel Street Midnight Man MOTOR MTR 003
80 Ramon Bugatti When The Night Comes MOTER MOT 1
78 Mankind Doctor Who MOTER SRTS 78/CUS-153

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