Independent label: Mother Records was an affiliate of Beacon Records, the Mother label was run by the DJ Emperor Rosko.  It came and went in the first three years of the 1970s, leaving behind it a handful of singles and one very collectable album: the self-titled effort by Moonkyte (SMOT-1).  As with Beacon, distribution was by EMI, Lugton and Clyde factors.  Numbering was generally in a MOT-0 series, though the final single, David McWilliams's 'Gold' - from the soundtrack album of the film, also on Mother - was numbered MOT-101; it came out some months after the last of the MOT-0s,  at a time when the main Beacon label was enjoying a brief revival, and had an orange label in a different, plainer, design.  Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Bob Rich Christmas In My Pants MOTHER MOT 1
70 Mark Ansley 909 MOTHER MOT 2
70 C M J La La La MOTHER MOT 3
70 Doris La Belle Hit And Run Lover MOTHER MOT 4
70 Bob Rich Navy Blue Blues MOTHER MOT 5
70 The Whips Julie Ivory Towers MOTHER MOT 6
70 Muff Why Did You Leave Me MOTHER MOT 7
70 Doris La Belle Hit And Run Lover MOTHER MOT 8
72 Jelly I'll Meet You Halfway MOTHER MOT 9
73 David McWilliams Gold MOTHER MOT 101

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