Independent Reggae label: More Cut Records was a label, belonging to Dennis Bovell.  More Cut issued one single through K&B Records in 1976, 'Run Rasta Run' by African Stone (MCT-001).   A second single, with the same catalogue number, followed in 1977: Dennis Matumbi's 'Raindrops'.  1978 saw the release of a 12" single by Joshua Moses, 'Africa Is Our Land', but after that the label seems to have hibernated for a while before reappearing in 1980 as one of a group of EMI-licensed-and-distributed Reggae labels (Arawak, Radics, Matumbi, Taxi) sharing a RIC-100 numerical series.  In this latter incarnation it issued two more singles.   The logo was the same as the 1976 version, but the overall design was different.  RIC-112 was an oddity: it was a reissue of a single by quirky Pop group Stavely Makepeace, with steel drums dubbed on to it.  Distributed By More Cut Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 African Stone Run Rasta Run MORE CUT  MCT 001
77 Matumbi Dennis  Raindrops  MORE CUT  MCT 001

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