Independent Reggae label: Mor-Well Esq Records was named after Maurice Wellington and was owned by him and Eric Lamont.  It was based in Jamaica and most of its records were issued there, but in or around 1977 it put out a number of singles in Britain.  They have a distinctly Jamaican appearance to them but are reported to be British pressings. The labels come in blue-on-white, green-on-white and black-on-white as well as the red-on-white shown.  The 'discography' below is of necessity rather tentative.  Distributed By Mor-Well Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Not Traced MOR-WELL ESQ BMW 01
77 The Morwell Esquire Run Bald Head MOR-WELL ESQ BMW 02
77 Delroy Wilson Money MOR-WELL ESQ BMW 03
77 Morwell Unlimited Brentford Rock MOR-WELL ESQ BMW 04
77 Roman Stewart You Wont See Me MOR-WELL ESQ BMW 05
77 Morwell Unlimited Give The Black Man A Chance MOR-WELL ESQ BMW 06
77 Delroy Wilson Give me your love MOR-WELL ESQ CM 11
77 Morwell Esquires Trad Along MOR-WELL ESQ CM 12
77 The Morwell Esquires Let Me Remind You MOR-WELL ESQ CM 13
77 Prince Jazzbo Jah Guide MOR-WELL ESQ CM 14
77 The Morwells Girl You're So Divine MOR-WELL ESQ MES 001
77 Not Traced MOR-WELL ESQ MES 002
77 The Morwells Swing And Dine MOR-WELL ESQ MES 003
77 The Morwells Swing And Dine MOR-WELL ESQ MIP 01

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