Independent label: Mooncrest Records was a joint venture between Charisma and B&C, Mooncrest was headed by Lee Gopthal and Tony Stratton-Smith and was intended as a 'quality Pop' label to complement those companies' Contemporary and Reggae catalogues. Its arrival led to the abandonment of the Peg and B&C labels, the most successful albums on Peg - notably by Nazareth and Steeleye Span - being reissued immediately on Mooncrest.  Biggest sellers on the new label were the aforementioned Nazareth, who took its first single, 'Broken Down Angel' (MOON-1; 1973) into the Top 10 and followed it up with four more hits.  The Hotshots had a Top 5 hit in 1973 with 'Snoopy vs. The Red Baron' (MOON-5), but other than that, singles successes proved elusive.  The collapse of B&C in the middle of 1975 led to Mooncrest running into the buffers temporarily.  Along with its sister-label Trojan it was sold to Marcel Rodd and became part of his Saga Records, stable, but after only five more singles it was shelved again.  It was revived again in 1986 and is today enjoying a new lease of life as a constituent of the Sanctuary group.  The first two singles initially had a special sleeve and silver printed credits but for later pressings and the remaining issues the silver was replaced by black, presumably for the sake of legibility.  For at least some time in the '70s Mooncrest singles came in a plain navy-blue sleeve.  As was the case with those of its stablemate Charisma, Mooncrest demos had the 'A' side on both sides; which is is unusual in Britain.  Numbering was in the MOON-0s during the '70s; singles with MOON-1000 numbers date from 1986 onwards, as do any company sleeves with Mooncrest's name on them.  Manufacture was by EMI until the B&C crash; the release of MOON-50 by the Magnificent Mercury Brothers and MOON-51 by the Fortunes appears to have been cancelled as a result of B&C's problems.  When Mooncrest was revived by its new owners those numbers were reused for different singles.  Saga owned a couple of pressing plants, so it seems reasonable to guess that after taking control of Mooncrest they pressed its records themselves.  There was no change in the label design under Saga, but the credits migrated and solid centres became the norm.  After the first two Saga releases the artist credit returned to its old place at the foot of the label.  Distributed By TS Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.


73 Nazareth Broken Down Angel MOONCREST MOON 1
73 Libido Hold On To Your Fire MOONCREST MOON 2
73 Lighthouse Sunny Days MOONCREST MOON 3
73 A & A North My Star MOONCREST MOON 4
73 Hotshots Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron MOONCREST MOON 5
73 Rockmore Williams It Was Her MOONCREST MOON 6
73 Octopus Hey Na Na MOONCREST MOON 7
73 Newman Donna Marie  Born To Late MOONCREST MOON 8
73 Nazareth Bad Bad Boy MOONCREST MOON 9
73 Woolly Sunshine Souvenirs MOONCREST MOON 10
73 Feldman Steve  Waiting For The Day To Come MOONCREST MOON 11
73 Hot Shots Battle Of New Orleans MOONCREST MOON 12
73 Livingstone Dandy  Black Star MOONCREST MOON 13
73 Nazareth This Flight Tonight MOONCREST MOON 14
73 Rockmore Williams Lady Rock MOONCREST MOON 15
73 Newman Donna Marie  Daddy MOONCREST MOON 16
73 Nunnery Stu  Sally From Syracuse MOONCREST MOON 17
73 Miller Cindy  Dubious Circus Company MOONCREST MOON 18
73 O'Brien'S Spike  Circus Poor Little Fred MOONCREST MOON 19
73 Hot Shots Yesterday Man MOONCREST MOON 20
73 Woody Saturday Woman MOONCREST MOON 21
74 Nazareth Shanghai'D In Shanghia MOONCREST MOON 22
74 Nunnery Stu  Madelaine MOONCREST MOON 23
74 Jackson Gordon  On The Road To Munich MOONCREST MOON 24
74 Corns Arnold Hang On To Yourself MOONCREST MOON 25
74 Moore Tim When You Close Your Eyes MOONCREST MOON 26
74 Matthews Ian Met Her On A Plane MOONCREST MOON 27
74 Summa Johnny  Seventeen MOONCREST MOON 28
74 Albatross Rock'N'Roll Boogie Man MOONCREST MOON 29
74 Hot Shots Caribbean MOONCREST MOON 30
74 Rockmore Williams Roll Me Over Again MOONCREST MOON 31
74 Moore Tim Charmer MOONCREST MOON 32
74  Ricco Johnnie Run Around Sue MOONCREST MOON 33
74 Decameron Rock And Roll Away MOONCREST MOON 34
74 Angellettes I Surrender MOONCREST MOON 35
74 Albatross Anything I Want To MOONCREST MOON 36
74 Nazareth Love Hurts MOONCREST MOON 37
74 Not Traced MOONCREST MOON 38
74 English Scott  Brandy MOONCREST MOON 39
75 Chilli Willi & Red Hot Peppers Breathe A Little MOONCREST MOON 40
75 Moore Tim Fool Like You MOONCREST MOON 41
75 Albatross Darlin' MOONCREST MOON 42
75 The Playgrounds This Old Man MOONCREST MOON 43
75 Nazareth Hair Of The Dog MOONCREST MOON 44
75 Decameron Breakdown Of The Song MOONCREST MOON 45
75 Arlan Green Rock Hotel MOONCREST MOON 46
75 Nazareth My White Bicycle MOONCREST MOON 47
75 Not Issued   MOONCREST MOON 48
75 Benson Gary Don'T Throw It All Away MOONCREST MOON 49
75 Steeleye Span Rave On MOONCREST MOON 50
76 Stevens Shakin' Jungle Rock MOONCREST MOON 51
76 Atomic Rooster Devil'S Answer MOONCREST MOON 52
76 Matthews Ian Bride 1945 MOONCREST MOON 53
76 Denny Sandy Make Me A Pellet On Your Floor MOONCREST MOON 54


86 Various Artists Parisienne Walkways MOONCREST MOON 1000
86 Rogers Nick Rivers MOONCREST MOON 1001
86 Williams John Happy Families MOONCREST MOON 1002
86 Sgb Infatuation MOONCREST MOON 1003
86 Mitchell Eddie Hold Me MOONCREST MOON 1004
86 Price Alan Jarrow Song MOONCREST MOON 1005
87 Red Shoes By The Time It Gets To MOONCREST MOON 1006
87 Malia Dominic Sweetie MOONCREST MOON 1007
87 Not Issued MOONCREST MOON 1008
90 Lord Tanamo I'M In The Mood For Love MOONCREST MOON 1009


89 Verisimo Clog Dance MOONCREST CLOG 1

89 Blessings In Disguise Featuring Noddy Holder And Dave Hill Crying In The Rain MOONCREST DISGUISE  1

90 The Clout We'll Bring The House Down MOONCREST JWL 1



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