Independent label: Moodisc Records was Reggae label, which had several incarnations in the U.K. in the '70s.  Moodisc was a vehicle for Harry Mudie productions.  It started out as part of the Trojan group, issuing some fifteen singles in 1970-71, in a MU-3500 series.   Early singles were on a plain light green label; later ones (MU-3503 on) were on a more exuberant-looking orange label with red and white writing.  In the summer of 1971 this version of Moodisc closed down and was replaced briefly by another one, which numbered its singles in the HM-100s (later HME-000s). This version was run by Rita and Benny King, of R&B Discs.  Again, the label came in plain and more complex forms.  To complicate matters further, another Moodisc appeared in 1974-5 with a new mid-blue on white label; this time M & M Music was the firm responsible.  Catalogue numbers of its singles were generally in the HM-8200s, a Jamaican numerical series that was shared by the HAM and Jungle labels.  Moodisc was revived again in 1978 by Big Phil Records, of Mill Hill; in this form it put out at least one more 7", again using the Jamaican numbering.  Distributed By Moodisc Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Wright Winston Musically Red MOODISC MU 3501
70 Lloyd Charmers Back Door MOODISC MU 3502
70 Rusael G G Wha Who Wha MOODISC MU 3503
71 Jolly Boys On The Water MOODISC MU 3504
71 Shand Winston I'Ll Run Away MOODISC MU 3505
71 Cornell Don & Eternals Christmas Joy MOODISC MU 3506
71 Eternals [ Jamaica ] Push Me In The Corner MOODISC MU 3507
71 Eternals [ Jamaica ] Keep On Dancing MOODISC MU 3508
71 Roy I Musical Pleasure MOODISC MU 3509
71 Roy I Heart Don'T Leap MOODISC MU 3510
71 Dynamic Gang I'Ll Never Believe In You MOODISC MU 3511
71 Roy I Let Me Tell You Boy MOODISC MU 3512
71 Holt John It May Sound Silly MOODISC MU 3513
71 Bennett Jo Jo Snow Bird MOODISC MU 3514
71 Count Ossie Whispring Drums MOODISC MU 3515
71 Walks Dennis Time Will Tell MOODISC HM 101
71 Zanetis Alex Guilty MOODISC HM 102
71 Count Ossie Whispring Drums MOODISC HM 103
71 Roy I The Drifter MOODISC HM 104
71 Holt John It May Sound Silly MOODISC HM 105
71 Winston & Rupert Musically Beat MOODISC HM 106
71 Al & Ewan Let'S Talk It Over MOODISC HM 107
72 Bennett Jo Jo Poison Ivy MOODISC HME 108
72 King Cannon Allout Raw Deal MOODISC HME 109
72 Mckay Freddy Old Joe MOODISC HME 110
72 Elliot & Bailey People Let Love Shine MOODISC HME 111
72 Ellis Hortense Down The Aisle MOODISC HME 112
72 Two Sparks Run Away Girl MOODISC HME 113
74 Dennis Walks And Mudies All Stars Sad Sweet Dreamer MOODISC HM 8235
75 Joe White Pretty Black Girl MOODISC HM 101236
75 The Black Roots Eastern Standard Time MOODISC HM 8253
78 The Eternals Push Me In The Corner MOODISC HM 2554
78 Bunny Maloney Baby I've Been Missing You MOODISC HM 8055

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