Independent label: Monza Records first single, 'I'm Not In Love', by Edwina Rigby (MON-001) came out in October 1979, but the rest of its releases date from 1980 (and after?).  There were at least ten Monza singles, including two of film themes and one by comedian Tom O'Connor; the label did however provide one collector's item in the form of 'Rabies Is A Killer', by Punk band Agony Bag (MON-002; 3/80). Distribution was by Pinnacle. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Edwina Rigby  I'M Not In Love MONZA MON 001
80 Agony Bag Rabies Is A Killer MONZA MON 002
80 Not Traced MONZA MON 003
80 Bobby Patrick Dallas MONZA MON 004
80 Bobby Patrick Band Knot's Landing (Theme From TV MONZA MON 005
80 Not Traced MONZA MON 006
80 Collins, Peter This Mountain MONZA MON 007
80 Ray Fenwicks White Lig Shine It On Me  MONZA MON 008
80 The Cone Clones Ballad Of The Cones  MONZA MON 009
80 O´Connor Tom Salud Amor Pesetas MONZA MON 010

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