Monument was started in 1958 by Fred Foster, who named it after the Washington monument.  The label's big star was Roy Orbison, who had hits for it from 1960 to 1965.  During the '70s Monument showed distinct country leanings; as a label it lasted into the early '80s.  In Britain, Monument's products initially came out on Decca's London label; Early sample, using London Monument labels. A later demo has been seen with proper Monument demo labels. the Monument label itself appeared in January 1967, with manufacturing and distribution by Decca.  A change of family to CBS. 1970 brought a change of label design and of catalogue numbering: the MON-1000s of the Decca years were replaced by an MNT prefix and a numerical block which was shared with the other CBS labels.  A second change of design followed in 1976, though the distributor and the numbering remained the same. Thanks to Robert Lyons for the info. 

72 Roy Orbison Pretty Woman MONUMENT S MNT 1054
72 Robert Knight Everlasting Love MONUMENT S MNT 1099
72 Kris Kristofferson Loving Her Was Easy MONUMENT MNT S 7523
72 Kris Kristofferson Josie MONUMENT MNT 7994
72 Roy Orbison Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream) MONUMENT S MNT 8165
72 Ronnie Hawkins  Cora Mae MONUMENT MNT S 8292
72 Wayne Carson The Grass Was Green MONUMENT MNT 8477
72 Kris Kristofferson Cisco Pike MONUMENT S MNT 9154
73 Kris Kristofferson Jesus Was A Capricorn MONUMENT S MNT 1188
73 Rucker Sandy Lay Me Down MONUMENT S MNT 1213
73 Kris Kristofferson It Sure Was MONUMENT S MNT 1461
73 Kris Kristofferson Why Me MONUMENT S MNT 1482
73 Robert Knight Love On A Mountain Top MONUMENT M MNT 1875
74 Robert Knight Everlasting Love [Re-Issue] MONUMENT S MNT 2106
74 Robert Knight Better Get Ready For Love MONUMENT S MNT 2274
74 Robert Knight My Rainbow Valley MONUMENT S MNT 2344
74 Charlie Mccoy  Silver Thread And Golden Needles MONUMENT S MNT 2380
74 Billy Swan  I Can Help MONUMENT S MNT 2752
75 Kris Kristofferson Rain MONUMENT S MNT 2871
75 Robert Knight Outsider MONUMENT S MNT 2948
75 Kris Kristofferson Lover Please MONUMENT S MNT 3046
75 Billy Swan  I'M Her Fool MONUMENT S MNT 3057
75 Billy Swan  Don'T Be Cruel MONUMENT S MNT 3244
75 Tommy Roe  Glitter And Gleam MONUMENT S MNT 3268
75 Barefoot Jerry You CanĀ“t Get Off With Your Shoes On MONUMENT S MNT 3276
75 Larry Gatlin Delta Dirt MONUMENT S MNT 3487
75 Billy Swan  Everything'S The Same MONUMENT S MNT 3560
75 Lynch And Lawson Emmy Lou The Belly Dancer MONUMENT S MNT 3705
76 Roy Orbison Only The Lonely MONUMENT S MNT 3965
76 Billy Swan  I Just Want To Taste Your Wine MONUMENT S MNT 4095
76 Roy Orbison Belinda MONUMENT S MNT 4247
76 Billy Swan  Vanessa MONUMENT S MNT 4357
76 Charlie Mccoy  Boogie Woogie MONUMENT S MNT 4383
77 Roy Orbison Southern Man MONUMENT S MNT 4797
77 Billy Swan  Shake Rattle And Roll MONUMENT S MNT 4836
77 Robert Knight Love On A Mountain Top MONUMENT S MNT 4900
77 Larry Gatlin Statues Without Hearts MONUMENT S MNT 4993
77 Charlie Mccoy  Stone Fox Chase MONUMENT S MNT 5103
77 Larry Gatlin Broken Lady MONUMENT S MNT 5142
77 Billy Swan  Swept Away MONUMENT S MNT 5150
77 Roy Orbison Drifting Away MONUMENT S MNT 5151
77 Roy Orbison Dream Baby MONUMENT S MNT 5265
77 Toni Winw  Heart MONUMENT S MNT 5359
77 Larry Gatlin Love Is Just A Game MONUMENT S MNT 5772
78 Roy Orbison Oh Pretty Woman MONUMENT S MNT 5971
78 Roy Orbison Only The Lonely (Know The Way I Feel) MONUMENT S MNT 5972
78 Larry Gatlin Anything But Leavin MONUMENT S MNT 6217
78 Linde Dennis Under The Eye MONUMENT S MNT 6365
78 Kris Kristofferson Lover Please MONUMENT S MNT 6474
78 Larry Gatlin Night Time Magic MONUMENT S MNT 6921
79 Roy Orbison Running Scared MONUMENT S MNT 7076
82 Dolly Parton And Willie Nelson Everything's Beautiful In Its Own Way MONUMENT MNT A 2983

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