Mode Records was a DIY Punk label from the 1979 to 1981 period. Owned by female-punk band The Modettes, it was dedicated to their releases, and it bit the dust when the band broke up.  The label's first release was the Modettes', 'White Mice' single (MODE-1), which came out in December 1979. Mo-dettes were an all-female post-punk band, formed in 1979 by Kate Korris, an original member of The Slits and brief member of The Raincoats, and Jane Crockford, former member of The Bank of Dresden. The Band Line-up was Kate Korris (Korus) guitar (born in the United States), Jane Crockford (Perry Woodgate) bass, Ramona Carlier vocals (now known as Ramona Wilkins) (from Switzerland, June Miles-Kingston drums. Distribution was by Rough Trade. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Mo-Dettes White Mice MODE/ROUGH TRADE MODE 1

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