Moby Productions was set up around 1970 by Maurice Gibb and Billy Lawrie.  It licensed its material to other companies, but at least one record appeared on its own label: an EP by a band called Soliloquy.  Tracks on the EP were 'Alive To Die', 'Father Moonshine', 'Asian Way' and 'Lady Tarantula'; it came out in 1974 and was pressed by Lyntone as LYN-2867 / 2868. Only 99 copies were made, which suggests that it may well have been intended as a promotional tool (either by Moby themselves or by the publisher, Shetland Music Co.) rather than as a proper release - the prominence given to Shetland Music's name and (presumably) their address and telephone number on the labels is evidence for that theory. All four tracks were written by Kel Monoghan and copyrighted on the 3rd of September 1974.  The EP's labels were white with black printing; they had the Moby Productions logo at the top, the band's name across the middle in a large carnival-type font, the titles underneath that, and the publisher's name (on the 'A' side) or address (on the 'B' side) in large print at the bottom.  Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Soliloquy Alive To Die MOBY PRODUCTIONS LYN 2867 / 2868

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