Independent Irish label: Misty Records managed at least eight singles. It issued singles in an MYS-100 numerical series. Distributed By Misty Records.

75 Gerry Black & The Seasons  Little Old Wood Shack MISTY MYS 101
76 John Glenn & The Mainliners I'm Waiting To Hear You (Call Me Darlin') MISTY MYS 102
77 John Glenn & The Mainliners Let's Turn Back The Years MISTY MYS 103
77 John Glenn & The Mainliners A Little Country Town In Ireland MISTY MYS 104
77 Paula & The New Faces  Happy Birthday MISTY MYS 105
77 John Glenn & The Mainliners The Boys From The Co. Armagh MISTY MYS 106
77 Not Traced MISTY MYS 107
77 Tom Allen & The Mainliners   Do You Know You Are My Sunshine MISTY MYS 108

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