Miss Chief Records was a DIY label. It managed one single. It issued singles in an MC-0 numerical series. Distributed By Miss Chief Records. Anna Teresa Alice D'Abreu, Born February 16, 1950 in the London Borough of Ealing, Greater London, and Died on April 17, 1995 age 45. Teresa d'Abreu was co-founded of the legendary whip-wielding rock group Sadista sisters in 1973 with Judith (Jude) Alderson . This Feminist music theatre ensemble toured for 14 years, playing the West End (London) including a season at Ronnie Scotts. The group also toured national theatres and everywhere from downbeat clubs in Holland to International Festivals. This all women's company walked the tight-rope between radical theatre and sexploitation, inverting and incorporating images of rape, strip-tease and women's sexuality and a vast wealth of musical styles from punk to Kurt Weill styles.

78 Teresa D'abreu Band Sister Revolution MISS CHIEF MC 1

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