Mirto Records was a DIY Reggae label. It managed one single. 'Is It Because I'm Black' b/w 'Just Like A Shelter' by The Messengers (MIR-100).  There is another pressing of it, which credits the 'A' side to Lloyd Charmers (incorrectly) and the 'B' side to B.B. Seaton (correctly).  As can be seen, the single has 'FREE WITH NUTRAMENT' on the label, and a date of 1973.  Presumably the tracks were licensed, so the date may refer to the year in which they were made available in their original form.  Pressing was by Phonogram.  The 'A' side is minor-key rootsy stuff with brass, and was issued on Trojan (TR-7893) in 1973, with Ken Boothe correctly credited as the artist. Distributed By Mirto Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Messengers  Is It Because I'm Black  MIRTO MIR 100

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