Independent label: Miramar Records are listed below. First out of the blocks was 'Penny Black' by Charles McMiram and Richard Mathews (MIR-1; 1978); I'm somewhat puzzled as to why copies should currently be going for 150 - 250 on the internet, even granted that they came with a free postal first-day cover from the Isle Of Man.  'Oh For A Thousand Tongues To Tell' by the Westminster Central Hall Cathedral Group (MIR-2; 1978) Celebrating Wesley's Chapel November 1st 1778 - November 1st 1978. The Sleeve has a John Wesley Isle Of Man Royal Mail stamp on the front franked with words " Reopening of Wesley's Chapel - Douglas - I.O.M.".  The single split between Your Hero, 'Dictator', and Kaleidoscope, 'Snogging At The Roxy', which came out in 1979 with a catalogue number of MIR-69, is collectable: it appears to have been reissued on Laser (LAS-10; 1979) with both sides credited to Your Hero.  There seems to have been a close connection between the two artists, for MIR-96, 'Let Me Love You', was by Kaleidoscope Featuring Your Hero.  The single by NWOBHM band Crucifixion, 'The Fox' (MIR-4; 1980) Made In Britain By Lyntone Recordings Ltd. is also sought-after.  The label itself came in several different colour schemes: black-on-white, silver-on-mid-blue and silver-on-dark-blue.  The few examples that I have seen were pressed by Lyntone. Charles McMiram & Co was a firm of stamp dealers, which perhaps explains the stamp aspect; it may be that Miramar was an offshoot of that business. Distributed By Miramar Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Charles Mcmiram And Richard Mathews Penny Black MIRAMAR MIR 1
78 The Westminster Central Hall Choral Group Celebrating Wesley's Chapel MIRAMAR MIR 2
80 Johnny Letterbox Buying A Stamp MIRAMAR MIR 3
80 Crucifixion The Fox MIRAMAR MIR 4
80 Kaleidoscope Featuring Your Hero Let Me Love You MIRAMAR MIR 96

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