Independent label: Mint Records was a subsidiary of Emerald Records. Mint enjoyed quite a long existence, starting out in 1976 and continuing into the late '80s.  It boasted a varied catalogue: as well as Irish records it issued Disco, Pop, and at least one yodelling single - the Gilde Duo Distribution was by Decca for the first five singles, after which time the label switched to President.  In 1978 there was change of layout and of distributor, to which company, I haven't been able to discover: the look of the label and the (p) suggests that the example shown is an Irish record - were they pressed in Ireland and some copies imported to England, or were there British pressings?  In 1979 first Wynd Up and then Spartan took over the task of distribution; Mint remained with Spartan for several years.  At some point in the '80s Mint's colour changed from ordinary mint to a fresher peppermint.  The company never got any of its records into the Singles Chart, but it served its niche market effectively.   Numbers, which had started at CHEW-1, reached CHEW-120 in 1987.  Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 O'Tool Fran Love Is MINT CHEW 1
75 Waters Freddie Groovin' On My Baby'S Love MINT CHEW 2
76 Mystic Moods Honey Trippin' MINT CHEW 3
76 Vee Bobby I'M Lovin' You MINT CHEW 4
76 Hatcher Roger We'Re Gonna Make It MINT CHEW 5
76 Two Man Sound Disco Charlie Brown MINT CHEW 6
76 Betts David Sadie MINT CHEW 7
76 Christy Ann Secret Love MINT CHEW 8
76 Steam Machine White Shark MINT CHEW 9
76 Patterson Kellee You Are So Beautiful MINT CHEW 10
76 Parton Stella Truck Driving Mother MINT CHEW 11
76 Nelson Jim Lost Letter MINT CHEW 12
76 Not Traced MINT CHEW 13
76 Lee Des Hold On To Love MINT CHEW 14
77 Zebere My Bionics Man MINT CHEW 15
77 Sullivan John L I Never Cry MINT CHEW 16
77 O'Tool Fran Out There Singing MINT CHEW 17
77 Clubsound Still The One MINT CHEW 18
77 Gilde Duo Tyrolean Vagabond MINT CHEW 19
77 Roy Rob Flowers Of Scotland MINT CHEW 20
77 Light  Break MINT CHEW 21
77 The Miami featuring Dessie O'Flaherty Don't Put The Boy Down MINT CHEW 22
77 The Miami featuring Charlie Chapman I Like It Like That  MINT CHEW 23
78 Clubsound The Ballymoor Grousebeaters MINT CHEW 24
78 Branagan Brothers Band Boogiest Band In Town ? MINT CHEW 25
77 Not Traced MINT CHEW 26
77 Not Traced MINT CHEW 27
79 The Miami Too Much Is Going On MINT CHEW 28
79 Roly Daniels If You've Got 10 Minutes / Hearts On Fire  MINT CHEW 29
79 Helen McCaffrey  I'll Get Over You / Easy My Mind On You  MINT CHEW 30
79 The Miami Reelin' And Rockin' With Susie MINT CHEW 31
79 Glaser Jim Who Were You Thinking Of MINT CHEW 32
79 Jimmy Hay  Big Willie Went Down To Wembley / C'mon Baby  MINT CHEW 33
79 Roly Daniels Mr. Jones MINT CHEW 34
79 Helen McCaffrey Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine MINT CHEW 35
80 Luvbug  Absolutely Wild Over You / Shine On  MINT CHEW 36
80 The Miami feat. Peter Eades  You're So Cheeky / Too Much Is Going On MINT CHEW 37
80 Not Traced MINT CHEW 38
80 Stout Hard To Be Humble MINT CHEW 39
80 Daniels Roly Almost Someone MINT CHEW 40
80 Mcbride Frankie Could I Have This Dance MINT CHEW 41
80 Doctor Baby When The Night Is Calling MINT CHEW 42
80 The Miami  Words And Music / Save The Last Dance For Me   MINT CHEW 43
81 Nelson Jackie Walking Talking Dolly MINT CHEW 44
81 Not Traced MINT CHEW 45
81 Mary Lou  Stand By Me / Then I Kissed Her  MINT CHEW 46
81 James Tina San Antonio Stroll MINT CHEW 47
81 Stout Sandcastle Sam MINT CHEW 48
81 Mena Billy Shut Up Yer Gob MINT CHEW 49
81 Nelson Jackie Fool Such As I MINT CHEW 50
81 Shakin' Stevens No Other Baby MINT CHEW 51
81 Daniels Roly Last Cheater'S Waltz MINT CHEW 52
81 Singles T.V Detectives MINT CHEW 53
81 Des Lee Band Dance Dance Dance MINT CHEW 54
81 Brown Polly Love To Give MINT CHEW 55
81 Mcbride Frankie I'M Being Good MINT CHEW 56
81 Barleypops  Hooked On Scotch/the Haggis Song  MINT CHEW 57
81 Roly Daniels  Do You Wanna Go To Heaven MINT CHEW 58
81 Bakerloo Junction My Lagan Softly MINT CHEW 59
82 Daniels Roly I Feel Like Loving You MINT CHEW 60
82 Mcbride Frankie Just Beyoud The Moon MINT CHEW 61
82 Slainte When I Grow Too Old MINT CHEW 62
82 Mackie Sammy I'M Yer Man MINT CHEW 63
82 Curtin Glen We Will Make Love MINT CHEW 64
82 Bakerloo Junction Winds Of Change MINT CHEW 65
82 Culbertson Clive Kiss Me MINT CHEW 66
82 Hanvey Bobbie Ballad Of Hurricane MINT CHEW 67
82 Mary-Lou Lipstick On Your Coller MINT CHEW 68
82 Peter Reilly  Book Of Kells / Asthoreen Bawn  MINT CHEW 69
82 Slainte As Tears Goes By MINT CHEW 70
82 Devine Sydney Like A Stranger MINT CHEW 71
82 Williamson Ann When You And I Were Young MINT CHEW 72
82 Mary-Lou Where The Boys Are MINT CHEW 73
82 Daniels Roly Like Strangers MINT CHEW 74
82 Palmer Teddy Nobody Loves Like MINT CHEW 75
82 Derrick & Sounds Shake Me I Rattle MINT CHEW 76
82 Williamson Ann Pal Of My Cradle Days MINT CHEW 77
82 Bakerloo Junction Remember Green MINT CHEW 78
83 King John True Life Country MINT CHEW 79
83 Hurley Red Hey MINT CHEW 80
83 Williamson Ann Baby Blue MINT CHEW 81
83 Rattlesnake Annie Tennessee Waltz MINT CHEW 82
83 Sammy Mackie  What About Ye MINT CHEW 83
83 Clubsound Way Old Friends Do MINT CHEW 84
83 Williamson Ann Tiny Bubbles MINT CHEW 85
83 Daniels Roly I Will Love You All My Life MINT CHEW 86
83 Campbell Travor Big Desiderata MINT CHEW 87
83 Guilde Tyrolean Vagabond MINT CHEW 88
83 Culbertson Clive Just A Little Bit MINT CHEW 89
84 Daniels Roly He Stopped Lovin' Her MINT CHEW 90
84 Clubsound Rock 'N' Roll MINT CHEW 91
84 Daniels Roly Someone I Ain'T MINT CHEW 92
84 Sammy Mackie & Annie Largey  Get Off My Back / Sammy and Annie  MINT CHEW 93
84 Williamson Ann Just Out Of Reach MINT CHEW 94
84 Daniels Roly Hello Darlin' MINT CHEW 95
84 Ann Williamson & Roly Daniels  Memories For Sale / Can't Get Used To Losing You MINT CHEW 96
84 Clubsound And God Created Woman MINT CHEW 97
85 Blackthorn Belfast Marathon MINT CHEW 98
85 Braniffs Why Should I Be Lonely MINT CHEW 99
85 Daniels Roly Part Of Me MINT CHEW 100
85 Culbertson Clive I Can'T Fight It MINT CHEW 101
85 Not Traced MINT CHEW 102
85 Hart Maureen Hey Lord It'S Me MINT CHEW 103
85 Daniels Roly Let'S Leave The Lights On MINT CHEW 104
86 Showbiz Club  Mexico Here We Go MINT CHEW 105
86 Morton Ivan You Better Come Home MINT CHEW 106
86 Daniels Roly Because I Love You MINT CHEW 107
86 Clubsound Aunty Sadie Says MINT CHEW 108
87 Williamson Ann Ramblin' Rose MINT CHEW 109
87 Warne Toni Any Dream Will Do MINT CHEW 110
87 Canning Francis Black And White Rag MINT CHEW 111
87 Inchequin City Of The Lagan MINT CHEW 112
87 Williamson Ann Blue Eyes Crying MINT CHEW 113
87 Daniels Roly It'S All In The Game MINT CHEW 114
87 Williamson Ann The Family Bible MINT CHEW 115
87 Daniels Roly Love Don'T Come MINT CHEW 116
87 Not Traced MINT CHEW 117
87 Not Traced MINT CHEW 118
89 Mick Gilley She Reminded Me Of You MINT CHEW 119
89 Barnbrack  Don't Forget The Children / Instrumental  MINT CHEW 120
78 Clubsound A Christmas EP  MINT CHEP 1
82 Leo McCaffrey  Leo McCaffrey Sings EP MINT CHEP 2



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