Independent Reggae label: Militant Records was from Birmingham.  And owned by stafford of mafiatone, a birmingham sound system. Militant issued at least four single in Britain, 'Thinking' by Junior Delgado, which had a catalogue number of MIL-001 and appeared in 1977. MIL-002-003-004 shows a Jamaican pressing, so 002 003 and 004 may not have been pressed and issued over here.  Distributed By Militant Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Junior Delgado  Thinking  MILITANT MIL 001
77 Smart Leroy  I've Got Love  MILITANT MIL 002
77 Jah Stitch  Cool Down Your Temper  MILITANT MIL 003
77 Rock Tone Band Burne Me Out MILITANT MIL 004

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