MIK Records was a DIY Irish label. Owned by Glam Rock band Gimik, from Limerick. Mik issued at least four singles, all of them by Gimik, starting with 'Dancehall Queen' (MR-1; 1978); the third has a grey label with a red logo on it, and was made in Ireland - the second and fourth may well have been Irish too.  Gimik had made a single for Release Records, 'Laugh Live and Love' (RL-861) in 1977, before they branched out on their own; apparently it was a Mud song. Gimik was a Late 70s rock band from Limerick whose lineup included future comedian John Kenny AKA Jon Kenny - guitar/bass/lead vocals.  Kevin Sheehy - guitar. Richard Hannoway AKA Richard O'Sullivan - guitar/lead vocals. Eugene O'Sullivan - keyboards. Mick 'Tús' O'Sullivan - bass. Paddy O'Sullivan AKA Ricky O'Sullivan - drums. Distributed By MIK Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Gimik Dancehall Queen MIK MR 001
79 Gimik School'S Out Forever MIK MR 002
79 Gimik Stood Up MIK MR 003
80 Gimik I Don'T Like It MIK MR 004

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