Independent American label: Midsong International Records was the successor to Ed O'Loughlin and Bob Reno's 'Midland International' label.  Midland International had been distributed by RCA; the change of name to Midsong International, in 1977, was soon followed by a move to Polydor. In Britain, the company's singles briefly shared an FB-0000 numerical series with other RCA subsidiaries, such as Grunt and Soul Train, after moving to Polydor they shared POSP-0 and 2001-000 series with that company's singles.   The Polydor-era singles had injection-moulded labels at first, which came in red or gold, the second paper label appears to have been pressed by EMI, presumably because Phonogram's own presses couldn't cope with the demand for that particular record.  Midsong International hit the charts in 1978 with John Travolta's 'Sandy' (POSP-6) and 'Greased Lightning' (POSP-14), both of which were from the hugely popular musical, 'Grease'.  Despite that, it seems not to have survived into 1980 in the U.K. Carol Douglas - Burnin' BURN 7. Had an Alternate catalogue number of 2001 821 also POSP 6 / 2001 809. POSP 14 / 2001 836. POSP 30 / 2001 851. POSP 14 / 2001 867. POSP 48 / 2001 875. Distributed By Polydor and RCA  Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Keith Herman  Somewhere There'S A Star  MIDSONG INTERNATIONAL PB 0913
77 John Travolta All Strung Out MIDSONG INTERNATIONAL PB 1018
78 Carol Douglas  Burnin´ MIDSONG INTERNATIONAL BURN 7
78 John Travolta Whenever I'M Away From You MIDSONG INTERNATIONAL 2059 005
78 John Travolta Greased Lightnin' MIDSONG INTERNATIONAL POSP 014
77 John Travolta Whenever I'M Away From You MIDSONG INTERNATIONAL POSP 030
79 Piper Wardell  Captain Boogie MIDSONG INTERNATIONAL POSP 042
79 John Travolta A Girl Like You MIDSONG INTERNATIONAL POSP 048

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