Independent label: Miami Records was a member of the Trojan family, but specializing in Soul instead of that company's usual Reggae.  Miami released approximately eight singles, all in 1976.  Numbering was in the MIA-400s, and distribution was by Selecta.  Promotional copies had a large black 'A' on the label. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Chosen Few Night And Day MIAMI MIA 401
76 King Sporty Thinking Of You MIAMI MIA 402
76 Lawinson Dean Dancing Mood MIAMI MIA 403
76 James Jimmy Help Your Self MIAMI MIA 404
76 Love Dimension Sweet Temptation MIAMI MIA 405
76 City Lights Don'T It Feel Good MIAMI MIA 406
76 Playgrounds This Old Man MIAMI MIA 407
76 King Sporty Reggae Rock Road MIAMI MIA 408

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