Independent label: MHA Records was a custom recording studio which was - and indeed still is - based in Herne Bay.  The men behind the studio were Melvin Harrison and Malcolm Anderson.  A single by a band called Husky, 'If Dreams Were Made' b/w 'Lay Back' (MHA-003; 1978) Released at least one  7". There was a  1978 LP by Evening Shadows, 'So What's New', but the number isn't given anywhere - presumably it's either MHA-001 or 002.  It seems likely that there are other MHAs out there, but as is the way with custom recordings they were probably produced in small quantities and they are difficult to find.  The Husky single has a matrix number of SRTS/78/CUS-238, indicating an SRT product; the songs on the record have been described as being in the Power Pop / Mod area, and it is collectable.  Distributed By MHA Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Evening Shadows So What's New (Album) MHA MHA 001
78 Not Traced MHA MHA 002
78 Husky If Dreams Are Made MHA MHA 003

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