Independent label: Meteor Records was based at 5/6 Lombard Street, Dublin. It managed one singles. If catalogue numbers are anything to go by Meteor issued at least four singles in or around 1978, including 'I'm Not Supposed To' by Dave Meadows (SKY-501) and Vernon Oxford's version of 'Nobody's Child' (SKY-503; 6/78).  Vernon Oxford is an American Country & Western singer; as well as recording for many other labels he made an album, 'Tribute To Hank Williams', which came out on Meteor.  The Meadows songs could be filed under 'Easy Listening Male Vocal'; he had previously made singles for Columbia and Philips. Distributed By Seannos Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Dave Meadows  I'm Not Supposed To METEOR SKY 501
78 Not Issued METEOR SKY 502
78 Vernon Oxford  Nobody's Child METEOR SKY 503
78 Lee Morgan Cuddle Up Kind METEOR SKY 504

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