Independent label: Merimusic Records was based in Solihull, Birmingham. It released at least three records. The Erik Erikson single, 'Bavarian Wedding Party' (JHSPS-236) came out in 1978, while 1979 saw the release of an EP by Power Pop band Autopilot, 'Love Is A Process' (JHEPS-244) and an LP by Folk group The Timoneers, 'With A Little Help From Their Friends'.  Recording was by Zella Records, of Birmingham, a company which specialised in custom recording; pressing of JHSPS-236 was by Decca. The records shared a numerical series with those of Zella's own label. Distributed By Merimusic Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Erik Erikson Band And Singers With Betty Gibbs Bavarian Wedding Party MERIMUSIC JHSPS 236
79 The Timoneers With A Little Help From Their Friends (Album) MERIMUSIC JHLPS 243
79 Autopilot Love Is A Process E.P. MERIMUSIC JHEPS 2244

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