Mercury was started in 1945 by Irving Green, Berle Adams and Arthur Talmadge.  In Britain its records were licensed to Bruswick initially, and to Oriole from 1952; Oriole introduced an actual Mercury label in 1954.  Mercury moved to Nixa / Pye in 1956, and scored a string of successes from 1956-60 with Vocal group The Platters.  The labels kept the 'flowing script' logo, but turned from black to blue.  EMI took over manufacture and distribution in late 1958, at which point the logo shrank and was enclosed in a pair of ellipses.  During both the Pye and EMI periods EPs had basically the same labels as the singles did, although in the EMI years there was a red-labelled Olympian series, which was dedicated to Classical music, and a blue-labelled 'Emarcy' series for Jazz.  When Mercury was bought by Philips in late 1963 the colour and logo remained unchanged, but the Philips 'grid' appeared and there were changes in the various legends and typefaces.  In December 1968 the logo was simplified slightly: the 'Records' was dropped, along with one of the ellipses.  As a member of the Philips family Mercury became part of Phonogram in the early '70s, along with its parent.  The '70s and '80s brought more Chart hits, with the likes of Rod Stewart, the Bachman Turner Overdrive, 10 c.c., the Steve Miller Band, and Rush registering in the Rock field, while artists such as James & Bobby Purify, the Ohio Players and Don Covay scored in the Soul / Disco area.  Mercury continues to release records today (2006) as part of the Universal Music group. Singles in the early '70s had paper labels, which were often 'dinked' at the factory and provided with triangular 'spiders'.  From 1973 injection-moulded labels were used, in a variety of colours.  Silver appears to have been the first colour used but it was soon replaced by fawn.  Metallic silver-blue came into use in 1978, and replaced the fawn in 1979.  Very occasionally singles came in other colours, such as purple, red white and lime green.  Sometimes the same single can be found in more than one colour, or with both paper and injection-moulded labels.  The paper label from 1978 seems to be a Pye contract pressing, while the EP with the white paper label was a product of Phonodisc's Special Products division and was made for Yardley's.  Late 1950s sleeves were red-and-cream.  The tartan variety dates from the early '60s; mid '60s ones were pink and white, which evolved into red-and-white.  Initially the red-and-white sleeves were printed sideways-on - the opening on the one shown is at the right-hand side.  Early '70s company sleeves were soon replaced by standard Phonogram Group ones.  The white demo dates from the 1950s and EMI; later EMI demos had a solid red 'A' across them.  Early Philips demos had 'Sample Record' on them either in the form of a sticker or a crude yellow hand-stamp; later ones had the usual family 'Hollow red A on white label' design. Oriole Mercurys seem to have had the same numbers as their American counterparts; after the move to Pye a 7MT-100 series was used for singles, EPs being numbered in the MEP-9000s.  These numbers changed to the AMT-1000s for singles and ZEP-10000s for Popular EPs at the time of the switch to EMI; Stereo EPs had their own SEZ-19000 series, while Classical ones were numbered in the XEP-900s and Jazz ones in the YEP-9500s. The Pop numbers changed to the MF-800s for singles and the 10000-MCEs when Philips took Mercury over.  From 1970, when Phonodisc scrapped lettered prefixes and replaced them with numbered ones, Mercury singles were given a 6052-000 series; this lasted until 1974, after which time several different series were used alongside one another, notably 6167-000, 6008-000 and 6007-000.  Presumably the different prefixes indicated the place of origin of the record - certainly 6167s appear to be American, while 6007s and 6008s are mainly British.   Some releases were considered important enough to be given their own catalogue numbers, with appropriate prefixes - for example, DUSTY-1 was a Dusty Springfield single.   The discography below, which has many gaps, most of the gaps are due to the fact that those numbers were not used for British releases.  The discography list overseas releases to complete the series. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.


77 Graham Bonnet Goodnight And Goodmorning MERCURY 6001 110
78 Graham Bonnet Rock Island Line / Soul Seeker MERCURY 6001 111
78 Graham Bonnet Warm Ride / 10/12 Observation MERCURY 6001 112
78 Not Traced MERCURY 6001 113
78 Atom  Standing Room Only  MERCURY 6001 114
78 Graham Bonnet Only You Can Lift Me MERCURY 6001 115
78 Demis Roussos  L.O.V. E. Got A Hold Of Me / Hey Friend MERCURY 6001 116
78 Graham Bonnet Can't Complain (Single)  MERCURY 6001 117
78 Graham Bonnet Only You Can Lift Me  MERCURY 6001 118
78 The Runaways Mama Weer All Crazee Now  MERCURY 6001 119
78 Demis Roussos  Chantez Enfants Du Monde / Tu N'as Pas Le Droit MERCURY 6001 120
79 Van Morrison Bright Side Of The Road  MERCURY 6001 121
79 Van Morrison Full Force Gale MERCURY 6001 122
79 Van Morrison Full Force Gale MERCURY 6001 123



70 De De Lind Mille Anni (7", Mono) MERCURY 6027 001
70 Pilade E I Calibro 45* Tacatà / L'Universo MERCURY 6027 002
71 De De Lind Signore, Dove Va / Torneremo Ancora MERCURY 6027 003
74 Gruppo 2001 Addio Primo Amore / Carla MERCURY 6027 004
74 Fugain et le Big Bazar Estate insieme/Les Gentil, Les Mechants MERCURY 6027 005
74 Not Traced MERCURY 6027 006
74 Suan Canto Di Ringraziamento / Pazzia  MERCURY 6027 007
75 Gruppo 2001 Per Un Momento / Nella Sua Mente Sono Lui  MERCURY 6027 008
75 Gruppo 2001 Navigando / Il mio paese MERCURY 6027 009
79 Nuggets New York (Harlem Session) (Uk Release) MERCURY 6027 010
76 Steve Miller Band Take The Money And Run  MERCURY 6078 800
76 Steve Miller Band Take The Money And Run / Rock 'N' Me  MERCURY 6078 801
76 Steve Miller Band Fly Like An Eagle / Mercury Blues MERCURY 6078 802
76 Steve Miller Band Rock 'N' Me MERCURY 6078 803
76 Steve Miller Band Rock 'N' Me MERCURY 6078 804
76 Steve Miller Band Rock 'N' Me / Serenade MERCURY 6078 805
76 Steve Miller Band Rock 'N' Me MERCURY 6078 806
76 Steve Miller Band Rock N' Me / Fly Like An Eagle MERCURY 6078 807
76 Steve Miller Band Serenade MERCURY 6078 808
77 Steve Miller Band Fly Like An Eagle  MERCURY 6078 809
77 Steve Miller Band Fly Like An Eagle MERCURY 6078 810
77 Steve Miller Band Jet Airliner MERCURY 6078 811
77 Steve Miller Band Jungle Love  MERCURY 6078 812
77 Steve Miller Band Swingtown  MERCURY 6078 813
77 Not Issued MERCURY 6078 814
77 Steve Miller Band The Joker / The Stake MERCURY 6078 815
77 Steve Miller Band Winter Time / Jet Airliner MERCURY 6078 816
76 Not Traced MERCURY 6160 001
76 Not Traced MERCURY 6160 002
76 Not Traced MERCURY 6160 003
76 Not Traced MERCURY 6160 004
76 Walker Brothers Sun Ain´T Gonna Shine Anymore MERCURY 6160 005
76 Stewart Rod Maggie May MERCURY 6160 006
77 Stewart Rod Mandoline Wind MERCURY 6160 007
77 New Your Dolls Jet Boy MERCURY 6160 008
75 The Platters My Dream / To Each His Own MERCURY 6168 101
78 Frankie Avalon Beauty School Dropout MERCURY 6168 102
78 Crown Heights Affair Galaxy Of Love MERCURY 6168 801
78 Not Traced MERCURY 6168 802
78 Crown Heights Affair I'M Gonna Love You Forever MERCURY 6168 803
79 Crown Heights Affair Dance Lady Dance MERCURY 6168 804
79 Robin Beck Sweet Talk MERCURY  BECK 7
79 Kurtis Blow  Christmas Rappin / Do It Yourself Rappin (Instrumental) MERCURY  BLOW 7
80 Kurtis Blow  The Breaks / The Breaks (Instrumental)  MERCURY  BLOW 8
80 Kurtis Blow  Throughout Your Years (Part 1) MERCURY  BLOW 9
78 Dusty Springfield A Love Like Yours (Don't Come Knocking Every Day) MERCURY  DUSTY 1
78 Dusty Springfield That's The Kind Of Love I've Got For You  MERCURY  DUSTY 002
79 Dusty Springfield I’m Coming Home Again  MERCURY  DUSTY 003
79 Dusty Springfield Baby Blue  MERCURY  DUSTY 4
80 Dusty Springfield Your Love Still Brings Me To My Knees MERCURY  DUSTY 5
77 Carl Perkins  The E.P. Express / Big Bad Blues MERCURY  ELV 15
77 Lol Creme / Kevin Godley 5 O'Clock In The Morning MERCURY  GOD 001
77 Lol Creme / Kevin Godley Excerpts From Consequences (Double pack) MERCURY  SAMP 17
79 Sandy McLelland And The Backline Hot Nights In Paris  MERCURY  HOT 1
79 Kool & The Gang Ladies Night MERCURY  KOOL 7
79 Kool & The Gang Too Hot  DE-LITE KOOL 8
80 Kool & The Gang Hangin' Out / Got You Into My Life  DE-LITE KOOL 9
80 Kool & The Gang Celebration / Morning Star  DE-LITE KOOL 10
80 Kool & The Gang Jones Vs Jones  DE-LITE KOOL 11
78 Clifford T. Ward Someone I Know MERCURY  LUV 1
79 Lindisfarne Easy And Free  MERCURY  NEWS 1
76 Ohio Players Who'd She Coo MERCURY  PLAY 001
79 Bernie Lyon Eleanor Rigby MERCURY  RIGBY 7
77 Rush Closer To The Heart  MERCURY  RUSH 7
82 Rush New World Man MERCURY  RUSH 8
82 Rush Subdivisions  MERCURY  RUSH 9
82 Rush Countdown / New World Man MERCURY  RUSH 10
79 Sandy McLelland And The Backline Can We Still Be Friends MERCURY  SANDY 001
79 Graham Gouldman Sunburn MERCURY  SUNNY 1
78 Richard Myhill It Takes Two To Tango MERCURY  TANGO 1
78 Richard Myhill We've Got Something More  MERCURY  TANGO 2
78 The Upstarts Beggin' MERCURY  TANGO 3
78 Lynda Virtu Treat Me Like A Woman MERCURY  TANGO 4
78 Not Issued MERCURY  TANGO 5
79 Richard Myhill While London Dances MERCURY  TANGO 6
79 Lynda Virtu You Are My Life  MERCURY  TANGO 7
79 Lynda Virtu Warm Night  MERCURY  TANGO 8
79 TCOJ (I Found) Love On the Disco Floor  MERCURY  TANGO 9
76 Ohio Players  Fire / It Aint Skintight  MERCURY  DJ 015

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