Independent American in origin label: MER Records is reported to have been owned by Patti Smith, the U.S. Punk Poetess and Lenny Kaye.  Its only British release appears to have been a single, 'Viego', by Reggae star Tapper Zukie, who had toured Britain with the Patti Smith Group.  The U.K. version of MER featured a motto, 'Music Of The Most High', on its label, as did some of the American issues.  'Viego' came out in 1978; its catalogue number, MER-602, seems to fit in with the American series. Distributed By Rough Trade Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Patti Smith Hey Joe (Version) (USA) MER   601
78 Tapper Zukie  Viego  MER MER 602
78 Not Traced MER 603
80 Lenny Kaye With The Lone Wolves Child Bride (USA) MER 604

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