Independent label: Mencap Records was a label of the well-known charity.  Mencap was run by chartered accountant Michael Weston in partnership with businessman Syed Ali.  It seems to have put out just two singles on the Mencap label, using a MEN-000 numbering series.  'The Arsenal March' b/w 'The Chelsea March' (MEN-001; 1969) by The Complex was first out of the blocks, with Crispian St. Peters's 'Monumental Queen' b/w 'Soft As A Rose' (MEN-002; 1/70) following on - the label has '1969' on it but 'Record Retailer' gives the date of release as one of the first three weeks of 1970.  Pressing and distribution were by Pye.  The label of the Complex single looked like an old-fashioned football. Mencap had a couple of sister-labels, 'Little Stephen' - which is probably from 1969 and with a name like that ought really to be described as a 'brother-label' - and Square Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

69 The Complex The Arsenal March MENCAP MEN 001
70 Crispian St. Peters Monumental Queen MENCAP MEN 002

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