Independent label: Medreco Records appears to have been primarily a Spanish label.  How it came to be behind a record of seasonal greetings from a restaurant and country club in Ingatestone, Essex, is a mystery, but the logo is the same as that on the Spanish records, so presumably there is a connection.  Members of the management and staff provided the greetings - the 'B' side features manager Mr. R. Bartella and assistant manager Mr. E Kyprianou - while music was provided by the Bob Ventham Band and the Mike Shade Trio.  The record was made in 1971.  The catalogue / matrix number in the run-off was HB-1, and its style suggests a British Homophone pressing.  The Heybridge evolved into the Heybridge Moat House and then the Heybridge Hotel before being flattened to make way for a housing estate. Distributed By Medreco Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

71 Ventham Band and the Mike Shade Trio Seasonal Greetings From The Heybridge MEDRECO HB 1

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