Independent label: MCCB Records - Mass Culture Control Bureau - was basically a vehicle for the work of avant-garde musician Geoff Leigh, previously of Henry Cow, Hatfield & The North, and Slapp Happy. It operated from 1978-92. Geoff Leigh (born 5 October 1945) is an English jazz and progressive rock musician, playing primarily soprano sax and flute. He was a member of the English avant-rock group Henry Cow and founded several bands himself, including Red Balune, Random Bob, Black Sheep, Mirage, and Ex-Wise Heads.. Distributed By MCCB Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Red Balune  Capitalist Kid MCCB MCCB 001
79 Red Balune Maximum Penalty   MCCB MCCB 002
79 Geoff Leigh The Chemical Bank  MCCB MCCB 003
81 Kontakt Mikrofoon Orkest Do The Residue  MCCB MCCB 004
81 Black Sheep, The Animal Sounds Volume One (12") MCCB MCCB 005

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