Independent label: Matchbox Classics Records was Carlisle-based label. Run by Chris Norman.  Matchbox Classics released at least five records during 1979-81. The first two were EPs, and both featured the bands No Support on one side and The Limps on the other.  Numbering was in an MC-0 series. MC-1 contained 'Because' and 'Subway' by No Support, and The Limps' 'Hi Fashion' and 'Circa 2'; while on MC-2 No Support supplied 'Fallen Hero', 'Spare Parts' and 'Subhuman Species', The Limps adding 'Someone I Can Talk To' and 'Unreal'. Distributed By Matchbox Classics Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Limps / No Support  Opposite Sides MATCHBOX CLASSICS MC 1
79 Limps / No Support  Another Matchbox Classic MATCHBOX CLASSICS MC 2
80 Various Artists 8 From '80 A Carlisle Compilation  MATCHBOX CLASSICS MC 3
80 Supermatix  Bad Timing   MATCHBOX CLASSICS MC 4
81 Wanglers Kickin' Out For The Coast MATCHBOX CLASSICS MC 5

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