Match Records was One of those sad cases where all I can do is note a label's existence and supply a scan.  The second Match label of the '70s was another one-off, its sole release being a single by a group which shared its name with the label.  The tracks on offer were 'You To Me' and the appropriately-named 'B Side'. The single was made in IPS Sudios of Shepherds Bush; thus the catalogue number, IPS-001.  The tracks are in a Soul / Dance vein, and the single is currently collectable: copies in excellent condition can sell for three-figure sums.  A group called Match had a single out on Flamingo in 1979, 'Mister Dee Jay' (FM-6; 10/79); that too was in the Dance genre, so that group may be the same as this. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Match You To Me (Are Like Winter, Autumn & Spring) MATCH IPS 001

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