Marix Records was a DIY label. Marix's name strongly suggests that it was a collaboration between Pat Martin and Johnn Rix, who with the assistance of the Martin Peters Trio and Gordon Findlay, were responsible for its sole release - an EP featuring 'Maybe It's You', 'Broken Wings', My 'Love Song' and 'Croce Di Oro'.  The first and third titles were penned by the duo themselves, which is good to see: I have great respect for anybody who has the ability to write their own songs and the drive to make a recording of them.  The catalogue number of the EP was SRTS/FMR-008, which indicates that it was made through custom recording concern Fairview Music and pressed by SRT, and it came out in 1977. Distributed By Marix Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Johnn Rix And Pat Martin With The Martin Peters Trio And Gordon Findlay Maybe It's You MARIX SRTS/FMR 008

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