Margo Records was a DIY Scottish label. A single by The U Nites, 'No Never Alone' b/w 'O Bonnie Scotland', seems to have been Margo's sole release.  Its catalogue number, S-262, was taken from a series used by Thor Records, and the two labels bear a family resemblance in design though not in colour.  There's no date on the single but S-253 came out in 1977; given the patriotic nature of the songs it seems reasonable to guess that it was issued in 1978 amidst the fervour generated by the Scottish football team's World Cup trip to Argentina. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Not Traced THOR S 251
77 Not Traced THOR S 252
77 Campbell Hughes From The Glenmorag Hotel Dunoon, Argyll, Scotland THOR S 253
77 New Stevenson Argyle Accordion Band Marching With The Argyles (Album) THOR S 254
77 Not Traced THOR S 255
77 Ron Slattery (Country Rockers) Okie From Muskogee THOR S 256
77 Not Traced THOR S 257
77 Not Traced THOR S 258
77 Not Traced THOR S 259
78 Various Artists Viva Scotland (Album) THOR S 260
78 Stoneycreek Cajun Bill Cheatham CA VA S 261
78 The U Nites O Bonnie Scotland MARGO S 262

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