Independent label: Marabo Records was formed by ex-members of the '60s band Pandamonium, Marabo got its name from a combination of their names: MArtin Curtis, RAy Jenns and BOb Ponton.  Marabo seems to have issued at least three singles in the 1970s, the most notable of which had an historical recording of Aleister Crowley reading two of his poems, 'La Gitana' and 'The Pentagram' on the 'A' side, and a song by Chakra, 'Scarlet Woman' on the 'B' (UPS-500; 1976).  Apparently it came with a picture sleeve.  The narrow dinking aperture suggests an EMI pressing.  Ponton and Curtis had also recorded for Liberty at the end of the '60s as 'Thoughts And Words', and it was that duo which provided Marabo with its first release, 'It's Alright Baby' (MO-1101; 1974).  There was also a single by Ivory, 'Suzanna' (MS-4).  The label continues to be used by Bob Ponton for his own and Pandamonium / Thoughts And Words releases. Distributed By Marabo Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Thoughts And Words It's Alright Baby MARABO MO 1101
75 Ivory Suzanna MARABO MS 4
76 Aleister Crowley La Gitana' and 'The Pentagram MARABO UPS 500

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