Independent label: Maple Annie Records was owned by Phil Wainman, and appears to have been mainly a production company.  The material on offer was commercial Pop, though Paul Ryan's, 'Natural Gas' (MA-107) was an interesting piece of Bolanesque Glam Rock.  As an actual label Maple Annie seems to have come and gone in 1971-72; by June 1973 it was merely a logo on other companies' records.   Manufacture and distribution were by Island / EMI.  There was no identification on the company sleeve, just a stylised maple leaf. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

71 Tiger Sue Burn Burn Burn MAPLE ANNIE MA 101
72 Helicopter I Belong To Yesterday MAPLE ANNIE MA 102
72 Brotherly Love Honey Man MAPLE ANNIE MA 103
72 Ryan Paul Born On A Beautiful Day MAPLE ANNIE MA 104
72 Not Issued MAPLE ANNIE MA 105
72 Brotherly Love I Love Everything About You MAPLE ANNIE MA 106
72 Ryan Paul Natural Gas MAPLE ANNIE MA 107

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