Independent label: Manticore Records belonged to Prog Rockers Emerson, Lake and Palmer, and was initially a joint venture between them and Island Records.  It issued new and re-released material by that group as well as new recordings by a number of other artists, such as Keith Christmas, Stray Dog and Italian Prog group P.F.M.  Albums seem to have been its main concern but it registered a minor Singles hit with Keith Emerson's, 'Honky Tonk Train Blues' (K-13513; 1976) and found a Christmas classic in Greg Lake's, 'I Believe In Father Christmas' (K-13511; 1975). Manticore stayed with Island only from March to June, after which ELP took the label to WEA.  The catalogue number series changed, from HEVY-0 to K-13500, and records which had already been issued were given numbers in the new series: P.F.M.'s 'Celebration', which had been HEVY-2, became K-13501.  HEVY-1, 'Chevrolet' b/w 'You Know' by Stay Dog, seems not to have been released in Britain.  The label design remained basically the same throughout its lifetime, but after the first release the position of the credits changed.  From 1975 singles in the WEA group tended to have a medium-sized 'A' on the 'A' side; Manticore singles were no exception. MPRO 1/2 Copies were promoted in the UK in a stickered metal tin. Inside were a ELP single? this 3 track 7", plus 4 individual photo cards & 4 individual 4 page gatefold info sheets. Distributed By Island and WEA Records. Manticore Records Ltd. Former Address: 16 Curzon Street, London W1Y 7FF. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Stay Dog Chevrolet MANTICORE HEVY 1
73 P F M  Celebration MANTICORE HEVY 2
73 Various Artists Manticore MANTICORE MPRO 1/2
73 P F M  Celebration MANTICORE K 13501
73 Stray Dog Speak Of The Devil MANTICORE K 13502
73 Emerson Lake & Palmer Jerusalem MANTICORE K 13503
74 Not Issued MANTICORE K 13504
74 P F M  World Became The World MANTICORE K 13505
74 P F M  Four Holes In The Ground MANTICORE K 13506
74 Christmas Keith Brighter Day MANTICORE K 13507
75 Stray Dog Junkyard Angel MANTICORE K 13508
75 Christmas Keith My Girl MANTICORE K 13509
75 Not Issued MANTICORE K 13510
75 Lake Greg I Believe In Father Christmas MANTICORE K 13511
76 Not Issued MANTICORE K 13512
76 Emerson Keith Honky Tonk Train Blues MANTICORE K 13513
76 Pfm Chocolate Kings MANTICORE K 13514
76 Christmas Keith Dancer MANTICORE K 13515

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