Independent Reggae label: Manic Records released at least five singles in 1978-79 in a PFU-1801 series, but there's no sign of PFU-1804.  It also issued several 12" singles.  Lyntone was responsible for the pressing of the Militant Barry single shown, 'Pistol Boy' (PFU-1805 / LYN-6427); as the PFU prefix indicates, Manic came under the Plastic Fantastic family. Manufactured & Distributed by Pye and Spartan Records, marketed by Plastic Fantastic Records. The owner of the label was recording engineer Vic Keary, of Chalk Farm studios. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Kelly Red  Money In My Pocket MANIC PFU 1801
79 Campbell Al  Ease Up MANIC PFU 1802
79 Soul Rebels  Sweet Sensation  MANIC PFU 1803
79 Not Issued MANIC PFU 1804
79 Militant Barry  Pistol Boy  MANIC PFU 1805

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