Independent label: Mango Records was a record shop and a Reggae label, owned by Brian Harris and based in Handsworth, Birmingham.   Mango started issuing its own singles in 1975, numbering them in a MAN-1000 series, and it seems to have expired during the following year.  Four different designs were used: a white one with vertical writing was used for the first single; it was followed by a black one, which lasted until MAN-1010 when it was replaced by one with a picture of a mango on it for the remaining issues.  At least some of the latter were pressed by Lyntone.  As can be seen, 'Madness', by The Mighty Maytones (MAN-1010) can be found both on the picture label and on a plain yellow label it was popular at the time, so the yellow-labelled version may have been an extra pressing.  Mango issued seventeen singles. Mango signed a Pressing and Distribution deal with Island in 1976; but no more singles came out until the 1980s. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Collins Ansel  Zone Five  MANGO MAN 1000
75 Boston Brothers Leave The Studio  MANGO MAN 1001
75 Poppin Keith  Time Slipping Away MANGO MAN 1002
75 Mello Lads Chatty Chatty Mouth  MANGO MAN 1003
75 Justin Hinds Prophecy Must Fulfil  MANGO MAN 1004
75 Wayne Wade  Black Is Our Colour  MANGO MAN 1005
75 Marshall Larry  Brand New Baby MANGO MAN 1006
75 Royals  Peace And Love  MANGO MAN 1007
75 Willie Francis  Leaving But It Won'T Be Long MANGO MAN 1008
75 Sergeant One Foot  Sexing Time  MANGO MAN 1009
76 Mighty Maytones  Madness  MANGO MAN 1010
76 Brown James  Stop The War In A Babylon  MANGO MAN 1011
76 Starlites  Some A We A Bawl MANGO MAN 1012
76 Heywood Winston  Long Long Time  MANGO MAN 1013
76 Romeo Max  Fire Fe The Vatican  MANGO MAN 1014
76 Starlites  Dip Them Jah Jah  MANGO MAN 1015
76 Bell Sil  You Can Dip MANGO MAN 1016

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