Independent label: Mandal Records was a DIY label. It managed at least one singles. 'The Christening' b/w 'Bubbling All Over' by Julie Kennedy had a catalogue number of T-1003, which suggests that there should be at least two previous Mandal singles. There was a single on the Concord label with those two titles by Julie Devon with the Roger Wade Orchestra and Singers (CON-009; 1970); was this perhaps a reissue with a changed artist credit?  If it was, the '1970' on its label may be misleading, which would explain the gap in time between it and Dante's 'All Is Said' (WAN-1), which seems to be from five years later.  The 'T' of the prefix may refer to Tony Pike, who produced the Dante single.  If it does, Mandal may have been a successor to his Tepee label. Distributed By Mandal Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Not Traced MANDAL T 1001
70 Not Traced MANDAL T 1002
70 Julie Kennedy  The Christening MANDAL T 1003
75 Dante All Is Said MANDAL WAN 1

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