Independent label: Mandal Records was a DIY label. It managed at least one singles. 'The Christening' b/w 'Bubbling All Over' by Julie Kennedy had a catalogue number of T-1003, which suggests that there should be at least two previous Mandal singles. There was a single on the Concord label with those two titles by Julie Devon with the Roger Wade Orchestra and Singers (CON-009; 1970); was this perhaps a reissue with a changed artist credit?  If it was, the '1970' on its label may be misleading, which would explain the gap in time between it and Dante's 'All Is Said' (WAN-1), which seems to be from five years later. Another gap followed, this time of two years, before the third single came out: Lovin' Silk's 'Silver Jubilee' b/w 'Bubbling All Over' (868-AH; 1977).  The Dante and Lovin' Silk singles were produced by Tony Pike (see 'Tepee'), which suggests that he may have been involved in Mandal. Distributed By Mandal Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Not Traced MANDAL T 1001
70 Not Traced MANDAL T 1002
70 Julie Kennedy  The Christening MANDAL T 1003
75 Dante All Is Said MANDAL WAN 1
77 Lovin' Silk Silver Jubilee MANDAL 868  AH

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