Independent label: MAM Records was Set up in 1967 by Gordon Mills, Tom Jones and Gerry Dorsey, MAM started life as Management Agency and Music. In 1970 it extended its interests beyond artist management and set up its own record label. The label was originally going to be called 'Button' and was going to number Jones and Engelbert Humperdinck amongst its artists, but it ended up as just plain 'MAM' and they remained with Decca.  MAM released its first single in October 1970: it was Dave Edmunds's, 'I Hear You Knocking' (MAM-1), which shot to No.1 in the charts. The third single, 'Nothing Rhymed', by Gilbert O'Sullivan, made it into the Top 10; O'Sullivan was to be the label's principal hitmaker over the next four years.  Lynsey De Paul supplied three hits in 1972-73, but elsewhere successes proved hard to come by.  Towards the end of the decade MAM parted company with O'Sullivan, who moved on to CBS and sued his old label; it kept on going into the '80s but the glory days were over.  MAM was handled by Decca and distributed by Selecta until March 1976, when it entered into a licensing agreement with EMI.  The label remained basically the same, with just a change of wording at the top and a slight shifting-around of the minor credits; in addition the dinking perforations grew narrower.  The catalogue series remained unchanged, though the 'R' which had followed the 'MAM' on certain Decca issues was no longer used - it had signified items which were subject to licensing restrictions abroad.  In October 1977, with MAM-168, the original black label was replaced by something more adventurous; in 1977 the company was revamping its label identity and direction, with new studios in Los Angeles bringing in American products.  All was not well, however, and managing director Geoffrey Everitt was saying that the company had been in limbo for a year but was looking for new acts and new employees.  May 1979 saw another change of label, to an eye-catching blue-and-white design, starting at MAM-186.  There seems to have been a slight hiatus shortly afterwards, as no records were issued in the latter half of 1979.  The company moved on to Pye in 1980, at which point singles were numbered in the MAMS-200s, but it seems to have stopped issuing records early in 1982.  1985 saw a merger with Chrysalis to form Chrysalis Group Ltd, by which point most of MAM's revenue was derived from jukeboxes, amusement machines and hotel interests.  The first two demo labels date from the early Decca era; early ones were merely issues with extra wording on them, but from July 1972 they were coloured red, in common with those of many other Decca group labels.  EMI-era demos had the usual EMI-family wording on them.  Different company sleeves were used during the Decca) and EMI eras.  The discography gaps may be down to overseas releases or numbers not being used. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Dave Edmunds I Here You Knocking MAM  MAM 1
70 Clive Westlake Love Is My Way MAM  MAM 2
70 Gilbert O'Sullivan Nothing Rhymed MAM  MAM 3
70 Robbie Rae Stay Love MAM  MAM 4
70 Bibi Johns A Lifetime Of Love MAM  MAM 5
70 Speero Nicky  Dulcie (It'S December) MAM  MAM 6
70 Mike Lynch Time To Get It Together MAM  MAM 7
70 Frankie Stevens Family Man MAM  MAM 8
70 Nash Johnny  Falling In And Out Of Love MAM  MAM R 9
70 Demick & Armstrong If I Ever Get To You MAM  MAM 10
70 Dobie Gillis Where You Going To Run To Now MAM  MAM 11
70 Songbird Sweet Elaine MAM  MAM R 12
71 Gilbert O'Sullivan Underneath The Blanket MAM  MAM 13
71 Montanas Uncle John'S Band MAM  MAM R 14
71 Shillingford Mill Thing Called Love MAM  MAM 15
71 Watson T. Browne  I'M On The Road Again MAM  MAM 16
71 Rod Demick & Herbie Armstrong We'Re On The Right Track MAM  MAM 17
71 Not Traced   MAM  MAM 18
71 Randall Alan  Mrs. Hanky Panke'S Fancy Man MAM  MAM 19
71 Korda Paul  Between The Road MAM  MAM 20
71 Jamie My Momma Don't Understand MAM  MAM 21
71 Black Velvet See What You Get Out-A-Me MAM  MAM 22
71 Hamburger Early Morning Warning MAM  MAM 23
71 Gilbert O'Sullivan Susan Van Heusen MAM  MAM R 24
71 Leapy Lee  Just Another Night / My Advice To You  MAM  MAM R 25
71 Polly Flosskin Sailin'  On The Ocean MAM  MAM R 26
71 Slowload On The Road Again MAM  MAM 27
71 Shillingford Mill Frightened MAM  MAM 28
71 Not Traced MAM  MAM 29
71 Gilbert O'Sullivan We Will MAM  MAM 30
71 Ifield Frank Beautiful Love  MAM  MAM R 31
71 Not Traced MAM  MAM 32
71 Christie Lou  Leavin' My Believin' Behind MAM  MAM 33
71 Not Traced MAM  MAM 34
71 Charles Tina  Baby Don'T You Know Anymore MAM  MAM 35
71 L'Escargot Andre  Purple Umbrella  MAM  MAM 36
71 Fuzzy Duck Double Time MAM  MAM 37
71 Flosskin Polly  Sunny Day  MAM  MAM R 38
71 Hamilton Ed  Emily'S Eyes  MAM  MAM R 39
71 Watson T. Browne God Made His Children MAM  MAM 40
71 Prinz Carl  My First Love MAM  MAM 41
71 Not Traced MAM  MAM 42
71 Bibi Johns I Don't Forget So Easy MAM  MAM 43
71 Lynch Mike  Brother, Love Your Fellow Man MAM  MAM 44
71 Montanas No Smoke Without Fire MAM  MAM R 45
71 Shorrock Glenn  Let'S Get The Band Together MAM  MAM 46
71 Black Velvet Make It Better MAM  MAM 47
71 Cole Tony  When We Get There  MAM  MAM 48
71 Rees Janet  Little Bird  MAM  MAM 49
71 Pattersons Make Me Instrument Of Your Peace MAM  MAM 50
71 Fuzzy Duck Big Brass Band MAM  MAM 51
71 Candy Choir Those Bootleggin' Prohibition Days MAM  MAM 52
71 O'Sullivan Gilbert No Matter How I Try MAM  MAM 53
71 Randall Alan  Where Does Father Christmas Hang His Stocking MAM  MAM 54
71 Blinky Bill  The Ballad Of Bill Blinky  MAM  MAM 55
71 Wild Honey He'S My Sugar MAM  MAM 56
71 Tucker Marvin  Hand Me Down Man  MAM  MAM 57
71 Not Traced MAM  MAM 58
71 Ayshea Old Fashioned Love Song MAM  MAM 59
71 Heritage We Are Going Down Jordan MAM  MAM 60
72 Fuzz Pig In The Middle MAM  MAM 61
72 Montanas Suzanne MAM  MAM R 62
72 Butterwick My Sweet Potato  MAM  MAM 63
72 Gilbert O'Sullivan Matrimony MAM  MAM R 64
72 Shorrock Glenn   Rock And Roll Lullaby  MAM  MAM 65
72 O'Sullivan Gilbert Alone Again Naturally MAM  MAM 66
72 Kin KIng Herod's Song  MAM  MAM R 67
72 March Hare Gipsy Rose MAM  MAM 68
72 Ifield Frank Hurdy Gurdy  MAM  MAM R 69
72 Ginger Ale Scoobidab MAM  MAM R 70
72 Gilbert O'Sullivan Alone Again (Naturally) MAM  MAM 71
72 Merlin I'Ve Given You Time MAM  MAM 72
72 Gilbert O'Sullivan  Get Down / Mama Loo MAM  MAM 73
72 Lee Leapy No Full Moon MAM  MAM 74
72 Wells Darren  Don'T Ever Change  MAM  MAM 75
72 Wyoming Seven Days  MAM  MAM R 76
72 Bo Jangle Piccadilly Circus  MAM  MAM R 77
72 O'Sullivan Gilbert Ooh-Wakka-Doo-Wakka-Day MAM  MAM 78
72 Ifield Frank Roots And Rafters  MAM  MAM R 79
72 Montgomery Steve  Made In Japan MAM  MAM 80
72 De Paul Lynsey Sugar Me MAM  MAM 81
72 Heritage Door Soul MAM  MAM 82
72 Evans Tony Association Amour Et Liberte MAM  MAM 83
72 O'Sullivan Gilbert Clair MAM  MAM 84
72 Fourth Company Matrimony  MAM  MAM 85
72 Merlin Sweet Dream Woman MAM  MAM 86
72 Wild Honey There'S No Stopping Us Now  MAM  MAM 87
72 De Paul Lynsey Getting A Drag MAM  MAM 88
73 Keegan Kevin  It Ain'T Easy MAM  MAM 89
73 Heritage  See The Light MAM  MAM 90
73 Bob E Rag Running Bear MAM  MAM 91
73 Merlin Doing The Best I Can MAM  MAM 92
73 Tales Someone Like You  MAM  MAM 93
73 Lee Leapy Helena MAM  MAM 94
73 Rimmington In The Grip Of Mullah MAM  MAM 95
73 O'Sullivan Gilbert Get Down MAM  MAM 96
73 Wild Honey He'S My Sugar MAM  MAM 97
73 Le Roy James Touch Of Magic MAM  MAM R 98
73 De Paul Lynsey All Night MAM  MAM 99
73 Sullivan Jim Big Out Of The Question MAM  MAM 100
73 Ifield Frank The Rise And Fall Of Solly Glick MAM  MAM 101
73 Heritage  Following A One Man Band MAM  MAM 102
73 Smokey Lee Huggin' And Chalkin' MAM  MAM 103
73 Mcneil Sylvia  If I Try For Sure MAM  MAM 104
73 Light Fantastic Love Is Everywhere MAM  MAM 105
73 Sherman Michael  Sadie MAM  MAM R 106
73 O'Sullivan Gilbert Ooh Baby MAM  MAM 107
73 Richards Barry  Durango, Pt I MAM  MAM R 108
73 De Paul Lynsey Won'T Somebody Dance With Me MAM  MAM 109
73 Lee Leapy Rub Your Nose MAM  MAM 110
73 O'Sullivan Gilbert Why Oh Why Oh Why MAM  MAM 111
73 Light Fantastic Alley Oop MAM  MAM 112
73 Rats Don'T Let Go MAM  MAM 113
74 Gilbert O'Sullivan Happiness Is Me And You MAM  MAM 114
74 Compass No More Whiskey MAM  MAM 115
74 Pilgrim'S Brother What'S My Name? MAM  MAM 116
74 Storey Mike  Ballad Of A Sad Café MAM  MAM 117
74 Mcneil Sylvia  Brown Eyes MAM  MAM 118
74 Gordeno Peter  One Is One MAM  MAM 119
74 Compass Arrest That Man MAM  MAM 120
74 Gilbert O'Sullivan A Friend Of Mine MAM  MAM 121
74 Gilbert O'Sullivan A Woman'S Place MAM  MAM 122
74 Sherman Michael  Another Place, Another Face MAM  MAM R 123
74 Gilbert O'Sullivan Christmas Song MAM  MAM 124
74 Randall Alan Where Does Father Christmas Hang His Stocking MAM  MAM 125
74 O'Sullivan Gilbert You Are You MAM  MAM 126
74 Lancaster Neil  Lu-Le-La MAM  MAM 127
74 Mellen Susan  Going Rowing MAM  MAM 128
74 Four Way Street This House Runs On Sunshine MAM  MAM 129
75 O'Sullivan Gilbert I Don'T Love You But I Think I Like You MAM  MAM 130
75 Anthony Tony  Baby, Baby I Love You  MAM  MAM 131
75 Mcneill Sylvia  Shelter Me  MAM  MAM 132
75 O'Sullivan Gilbert I'Ll Believe When I See It MAM  MAM 133
75 Jones Diane  Under The Boardwalk  MAM  MAM 134
75 O'Sullivan Gilbert You Never Listen To Reason MAM  MAM 135
75 Anthony Tony  If I Knew  MAM  MAM 136
75 Christina How Great Thou Art MAM  MAM 137
75 St. Clair Paul  Something About You That'S Magic MAM  MAM 138
75 Gilbert O'Sullivan Doing What I Know MAM  MAM 139
76 Arms And Legs Janice MAM  MAM 140
76 Ric Lee Man On The Run MAM  MAM 141
76 Charles Tina  Can'T Dance To That Music You'Re Playin' MAM  MAM 142
76 Cady Ben  Running In And Out Of Your Life MAM  MAM 143
76 Tony Anthony Automobile Song MAM  MAM 144
76 Diane Jones My Man's A Sweet Man MAM  MAM 145
76 Simpson Mel Home On The Road MAM  MAM 146
76 Arms And Legs Heat Of The Night MAM  MAM 147
76 Bremmer And Kane Good Love MAM  MAM 148
76 Family Tree Caves MAM  MAM 149
76 Hoonah Smile MAM  MAM 150
76 O'Sullivan Gilbert To Each His Own MAM  MAM 151
76 James Boys Don'T Ever Leave Me MAM  MAM 152
76 Tom Paxton The Last Thing On My Mind MAM  MAM 153
76 Wild Honey Baby Don'T You Know Anymore MAM  MAM 154
76 O'Sullivan Gilbert Matrimony MAM  MAM 155
77 Arms And Legs Is There Anymore Wine MAM  MAM 156
77 St. Clair Paul  All Because Of You MAM  MAM 157
77 Stokes Val  Swings And Roundabouts MAM  MAM 158
77 Bremmer & Kane There Ended A Dream MAM  MAM 159
77 De Paul Lynsey Sugar Me MAM  MAM 160
77 U.S.A.U.K. Illinois MAM  MAM 161
77 Sullivan Jim Big Out Of The Question MAM  MAM 162
77 Ward Terry  There Goes My Heart MAM  MAM 163
77 Zambezi Ali, King Of The Ring MAM  MAM 164
77 O'Sullivan Gilbert Call On Me MAM  MAM 165
77 Nightflight Old Ones MAM  MAM 166
77 O'Sullivan Gilbert You Got Me Going MAM  MAM 167
77 Blossoms Apb MAM  MAM 168
78 Graham Rita Lord Help Me MAM  MAM 169
78 Ward Terry  Night We Said Goodbye MAM  MAM 170
78 Airloom Everybody'S Singing Our Record MAM  MAM 171
78 Gilbert O'Sullivan Miss My Love Today MAM  MAM 172
78 U.S.A California Bound MAM  MAM 173
78 Aznavour Charles I Will Warm Your Heart MAM  MAM 174
78 Aznavour Charles You Make Me Hungry MAM  MAM 175
78 Longfellow Baron  Harlem MAM  MAM 176
78 Mike Graham Who Will The Next Fool Be MAM  MAM 177
78 Fighter Mystery Walker MAM  MAM 178
78 Xanadu Let Me Be MAM  MAM 179
78 Carey Duncan Ragsy MAM  MAM 180
78 Gilbert O'Sullivan Christmas Song MAM  MAM 181
78 White Heat Dancing Like A Superstar MAM  MAM 182
78 The Colliery Band Brown Bread MAM  MAM 183
79 White Frank Shelly MAM  MAM 184
79 Xanadu When The Lights Went Out MAM  MAM 185
79 Dafne & Tenderspots Disco Hell MAM  MAM 186
79 Zero One Running The Cover MAM  MAM 187
79 Jackson Lynn Sad Songs MAM  MAM 188
80 Lamarr Chris Are You Lonely MAM  MAMS 201
80 Jay Mike  Madder MAM  MAMS 202
80 Breakers Headline News MAM  MAMS 203
80 Modern Man All The Little Idiots MAM  MAMS 204
80 Kent Steven London MAM  MAMS 205
80 Modern Man Body Music MAM  MAMS 206
81 Modern Man Things Could Be Better MAM  MAMS 207
81 Lelo & The Deviants In China MAM  MAMS 208
81 Jay Mike  Romance MAM  MAMS 209
81 Lelo & The Deviants No Saving Grace MAM  MAMS 210
81 Modern Man War Drums MAM  MAMS 211
81 Kent Steven Twelfth House MAM  MAMS 212
82 Lelo & The Deviants Tangiers MAM  MAMS 213
72 Not Traced MAM  MAM EP 1
72 Not Traced MAM  MAM EP 2
72 Gilbert O'Sullivan Alone Again (Naturally) MAM  MAM EP 3
73 Gilbert O'Sullivan Clair MAM  MAM EP 4



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