Malt Mill Records was a DIY label. and a music venue - and a pub - in Aberdeen.  At least one record was issued on the Malt Mill label, a single by Folk duo Bunion, who were regulars at the club in the late '70s.  The single was called 'The Men On The Rigs', and it came out in 1978 with a catalogue number of CPS-012.  The CPS-000 numbering appears to have been used by the REL studios for custom recordings: see also 'Radio Edinburgh Ltd', 'Burning Bing' and Bustop Records.  The matrix number, LYN-5420 / LYN-5421, indicates a Lyntone pressing.  The 'B' on the label appears on both sides. Distributed By Malt Mill Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Bustop Lady Of The Night BUSTOP CPS 011
78 Bunion The Men On The Rigs MALT MILL CPS 012

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